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1/17/2018 c15 georgiasuzy
Good for you Sookie! Maybe Godric should talk to Eric. Things are supposed to be changing in the Supernatural world.
1/17/2018 c14 georgiasuzy
Well that was steamy! Great first time, and he was so excited to be her first... and last.
1/17/2018 c13 georgiasuzy
Eric took charge of that situation quickly and saved Sookie. It's sweet that he won't take advantage of her after the blood, but when he ripped her dress open I thought for sure he wouldn't be able to control himself!
1/17/2018 c12 georgiasuzy
IDK what to think about Liam. Glad to see Alcide is still a nice guy. So sweet of Eric to bring flowers for Gran too.
1/17/2018 c11 georgiasuzy
Evan really has a hate on for vampires, I guess because of losses in the war. I'm glad Niall advised Sookie to be honest with Eric about the blood oath.
1/17/2018 c10 georgiasuzy
Sookie used her charms on Sam! Ha, Dawn (and Eric) got what they deserved. But Niall! Was he hurt worse by Evan than I thought?
1/17/2018 c9 georgiasuzy
I think Niall put too much of a whammy on Bill! And I was afraid Sookie's light was gonna incinerate the bar. Plus that damn Dawn and Eric.
1/17/2018 c8 georgiasuzy
Oh, this just be the dead Queen Mab's son. I hope the twins he refers to aren't Lochlan and Naeve.
1/17/2018 c7 georgiasuzy
Whew, Bobby Burnham is lucky Niall was there to calm down Sookie! I can't believe Niall stole a prototype cell phone for Sookie. I wonder if it even works?
1/17/2018 c6 georgiasuzy
Oh, lordy, SECOND time in one day *snicker*. I loved how Eric got jealous by seeing Godric's hands on Sookie's back.
1/17/2018 c5 georgiasuzy
Preston sounds yummy! How is Sookie supposed to control her attraction power though? Maybe by thinking of something besides kissing, LOL
1/17/2018 c4 georgiasuzy
OMG After listening to Eric's arrogance and hubris in this chapter, I can't WAIT for you to have Sookie give him his comeuppance!
1/17/2018 c3 georgiasuzy
Niall is like a loose cannon! Kidnapping Godric, and saying 'He's the Watson to my Sherlock' LOLOL! TG Sookie told Niall not to tell Eric all those things that would make him hate Sookie. Pretty cool how he uploaded supernatural info to her brain, but it was only about vampires and already wore her out!
1/17/2018 c2 georgiasuzy
This chapter was hilarious and so much fun! Yes, Pam's vampire skill is definitely eye rolling. LOL at Godric and Niall playing the cheating game and scaring the shit out of Compton with their behavior.
1/17/2018 c1 georgiasuzy
I love the start to this story! You're doing great for English as a second language, and your Beta too!
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