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8/22/2015 c21 13keiman and kei
If they don't, they are not true Vampire and Fae and Elf fans! Wow! Good touch with the POV subdivisions in the chapters, K. I'd like to write that way but my readers and followers are just too used to the multiple chapter narrators. Maybe I'll try my hand at a one shot piece set up that way. Think I can get away w/ it w/ my readers? We shall see. I've already read and part beta-ed Family Business for you, K. I need not say that going from FM to FB was tantamount to going from my own Christmas to Wings or to be plainer, from Fellowship/Ring to The 2 Towers in JRR Tolkien's magnificent trilogy on fantasy and the supernatural. K, your Elf and Fae worlds and human world are like a modern day Middle Earth. Now I'm going to read One More Day so stay tuned!- Jack/K&K
8/22/2015 c12 keiman and kei
Now I am beginning to become engrossed in this ff, K. I am reminded of Dark Shadows with just the lilt of humour mixed in with the melodramas. Now one more review when I reach the last chapter which is 21. Keep up the great writing and stay focused, K- Jack/K&K
8/22/2015 c1 keiman and kei
Good start to what looks to be a cool and quite interesting tale. You too have begun a saga of sorts, K. Don't make it too complicated though. Stick to at most two major plots and say six subplots at first. Don't lose sight of the theme and try and keep to your story line as much as possible. I think I'll save my next review for the halfway point or so- say Ch 12. Stay connected to your characters especially Susahhah Brigant aka Sookie!- Jack/K&K
8/17/2015 c14 ljhjelm49
Awe this was awesome. Excellent chapter you did well in writing it.
8/17/2015 c12 ljhjelm49
This story is very intriguing.
8/16/2015 c19 ljhjelm49
Wow this was sad but a good chapter.
8/15/2015 c1 3litmajoronleave
I think this is Top 5 of the most captivating 1st chapters I've stumbled upon. Hella funny!
8/8/2015 c14 Suzymeinen
That was a beautiful sex scene. Hot and sexy and also loving. Great writing.
8/8/2015 c4 Suzymeinen
This chapter was fantastic! I loved Eric's internal comments while reading the advice. So cocky it's funny!
8/6/2015 c20 7kleannhouse
oh damn the plot thicken. KY
8/6/2015 c19 kleannhouse
oh damn poor Sook and Eric. i am happy that Sookie was not there to see what they found, i don;t think her tender heart could have taken it and she would have blasted Liam where he stood. I wonder what will happen next and i think it is awesome that Preston wants to protect Eric. KY
8/6/2015 c18 kleannhouse
well at least they are trying to take care of her, they should have let her blast Sam, dumbass. but i think the training will do her good and she will change her uncle's heart. looking forward to all of this. KY
8/6/2015 c17 kleannhouse
her guards were awesome and i am happy he is taking her faeness to heart and accepting it. looking forward to whats in store. KY
8/6/2015 c20 2ashmo2000
It seems to be a full on conspiracy now. With Liam stopped, nothing really changed.
8/5/2015 c16 7kleannhouse
damn Jason and now Andre again, shit is gonna hit the fan. love the shopping at Walmart KY
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