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8/5/2015 c15 7kleannhouse
damn Andre, i hope she fries his ass ... he deserves it... at least they got this talked out after she zapped his ass. KY
8/5/2015 c14 kleannhouse
it was a an awesome chapter and a fantastic telling of her first time. KY
8/5/2015 c13 kleannhouse
damn lemon poisoning but he didn't catch the lemon part so he is still at a loss. love their little banter at the end. soon they will know each other intimately. KY
8/5/2015 c12 kleannhouse
well lets see what happens with the Weres i think something is up on that front. and their date has begun but who is gonna ruin it. KY
8/5/2015 c11 kleannhouse
these guys, they are so drawn to one another and i think ERic will jump at the opportunity to blood oath himself to protect his Sookie. looking forward to ore KY
8/5/2015 c10 kleannhouse
well, she back her light down on her own but i think he helped her a bit unknowing. as for the rest of the night, they are going to have a fiery relationship i am sure. But the gentlemen , is it Niall or his brother since he is walking like a human. KY
8/5/2015 c9 kleannhouse
damn Niall has a brother, i hope he helps her because her light is gonna kick somebodies ass. I wonder if Eric's void will help her control the light. KY
8/5/2015 c8 kleannhouse
oh damn, i am thinking Mab... KY
8/5/2015 c7 kleannhouse
damn Bobby has a death wish. Loved her meeting with Papa, he is a loony one for sure. KY
8/5/2015 c6 kleannhouse
loved the chapter, them arguing and then falling into each other arms for a kiss. nicely done. love Godric. KY
8/5/2015 c5 kleannhouse
that was a fun chapter, her learning to control her light, it will be more fun when she meets with Godric and Eric , i am sure,.KY
8/5/2015 c4 kleannhouse
lol i loved how he was taking the news from his maker and then how he had to read the helpful hints and his response. I am sure the box that Pam gave him will be oh so helpful. KY
8/4/2015 c20 pinky
Thanks for a great story. Looking forward to the sequel.
8/4/2015 c3 kleannhouse
damn she learned a lot in a short period of time but got him to back down on some stuff so that was cool. KY
8/4/2015 c20 Duckbutt
I buzzed through this story -mostly at night on my phone. Went from one chapter to the next, to the next. Sometimes I was grumpy at work from so little sleet :-) Wonderful! I know that English is not your first language, but hell, even with a few mis-steps, you have a real mastery. All I know of Polish is a couple of curse words learned from my mother-in-law :-)
Can't wait for the sequel. This had great humor, character development and wonderful plot.
The Villain -Breanden, perhaps?

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