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8/15/2017 c4 AnneNGil
That was so perfect! I love the reminiscing. I love the care and compassion and love that Gilbert still has for his wife. Such a sweet story.
8/14/2017 c3 AnneNGil
Oh wow! I just love this chapter! So beautiful. So full of emotion. Thank you for sharing this.
8/13/2017 c2 AnneNGil
Oh my gosh! I laughed and laughed and cringed at Roy seeing Anne at the train station thinking she was for him. Lol! So funny! Anyway, I enjoyed this. Great story!
8/13/2017 c1 AnneNGil
What a delightful start! I'm eager to keep reading.
6/30/2017 c5 7Fathomless83
This is the most beautiful chapter. Mayflowers.
2/3/2017 c7 1Katerina95
I hope that someday you might return to writing! Your stories are amazing!
1/9/2017 c7 7Forever Day
I didn't think I was going to enjoy this, anticipating just the text itself with a bit more exposition. However, what I found was a delightful collection of stories, some sweet, some bittersweet (the Mayflower one in particular, I found struck a chord) and they were all very enjoyable. Might I request some more?
8/8/2016 c7 5OriginalMcFishie
so beautiful. I love how you write
3/16/2016 c7 Astrakelly
Hope you continue with this story, I liked it
3/12/2016 c7 Rose
I miss Bertha Willis and her wonderful stories!
10/15/2015 c7 Kimi Blythe
Hi, I was just wondering where are you hiding, because you seem to be absent. Continue this please...
9/15/2015 c7 Guest
Loved the flowers bit
9/15/2015 c2 Guest
The Roy part was good, always wondered when he found out
8/2/2015 c7 Guest
It has been a long summer with no updates from Bertha Willis. Hope this isn't the last we hear from you!
7/28/2015 c5 Guest
Gosh, I love this story so much! It's so authentic to who the characters are in the books, and I love how you're building on snippets the books already gave us. I always tried to imagine what happened after a scene closed or after a book ended, but I was never as successful as you are in these vignettes. I love them all, but the Mayflowers chapter was especially poignant and beautiful.
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