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6/26/2015 c5 8TinkStar87
Oh so good and a bit bittersweet. I almost always forget about lovable Walter not coming home. His and Matthew's deaths are the ones i remember the most and the most saddest to me, and baby Joy!You really can't forget that little angel. This is amazing and i hope you keep it going. It's almost as if Mrs. L.M. Montgomery herself is writing them, so SO GOOD. Until then, Read ya Later ;)
5/28/2015 c7 3YorkshireTeaDrinker
How beautiful.

I love the analogy of the flowers, that Roy was hot house blooms, yet Gilbert was the vast range of wildflowers. The love Anne imagined was so much more limited than the burgeoning, organic, real love that she has for and from Gilbert.

"It was so much more than just roses".

That line perfected encapsulates how Anne managed to fool herself for so long. The image of love she had was just roses, an idealised, courtly love that she only saw on the page. What she finally comes to realise is that she has a whole meadow full of love from Gilbert. And that was beyond her imagination.
5/28/2015 c7 19Alinyaalethia
'She had expected the scent of roses and only that' -somehow that explained more about Anne for me than whole paragraphs could ever do. I think I loved that line best for that reason, but it's a hard decision to make because I loved so much here. I loved the weave of the memories with the present, and how much they added to one another. You were never wandering, and I know how hard that is to do. I loved Anne's unseeing eyes and her plunging through the quilts for that necklace. Thank you for letting her really plumb the depths of uncertainty and impending grief. I know I needed to see and to read that. And thank you for bringing her so expertly out the other side of that book of Revelation. The bedewed and broken flowers were exactly the right image to use, just as that memory of the buggy ride was beautifully illustrative of Anne's former friendship with Gil. I've got to sort out supper and a hot water bottle now, but thank you for a read full of phrases I won't be forgetting.
5/28/2015 c7 InsanityProne
Oh! That was absolutely beautiful! Beyond beautiful, that was a gorgeous chapter! I loved it, I loved everything about it! It was well worth the wait I assure you! Thank you!
5/28/2015 c7 Noirin Rose
Thanks for updating. This was so good, so subtle. The despair, the anguish, the analysis of every word and gesture which is so true to life. I loved the way the language changed from storm to dawn with the word that he was better. And the nod to Anne and Gilbert's sweet conversation in RoI when they are watching the planes in the sky. And I loved the notion that she wasn't at peace these last 4 years.. she was either trying to hide from Gilbert's love or she was missing him. Perfect!
5/27/2015 c7 9ouhusker7
I love the way your stories show nature, and especially flowers, as such a natural part of Anne's thought process, and sometimes as a metaphor for her view of the world. That's so very "Anne"!
5/27/2015 c7 Guest
As usual wonderfully done. Can't wait to see what you have next. :)
5/27/2015 c7 2Kim Blythe
Bertha, i really enjoyed that story, but, could you refresh me on juste one thing ? What were the words that Gilbert had said to Anne that day under the poplar ? I seem to not remember anything at all from that moment.
5/27/2015 c7 297Punzie the Platypus
5/27/2015 c7 5rebeccathehistorian
This was wonderful, Bertha. Thank you.

I loved the fact that you had Anne go back in time through her memories to really try to figure out when she started falling in love with Gilbert. That was a clever idea!

Also, I want to let you know that when I read the first and third "He's better" lines, I relaxed and let out a huge breath I had been unconsciously holding. So thank you for that. :)
5/27/2015 c7 2KatherineBrooke
Love all of Anne's musings here. She really could look back and see how it all was just as she wanted. They are perfect for each other and what a blessing that Anne figured it out, but too bad it took him nearly dying to see it. I suppose it's only something like that that would take Anne out of her fantasies and give her a good hard look at reality. This is just how I've always imagined how she looked back on all those experiences and put her realizations together. Great chapter! Really excited to see another update.
5/27/2015 c7 22katherine-with-a-k
Oh, B!
I saw that title and I thought, here we go, get ready for wonderful. And it was, it was!
You know what a wrung out mess I'll be right now, finally putting that story to bed. I was half scared to read this (but then I always am, because as much as I love reading your stories the writer in me always thinks "why didn't I think if that, make that connection, tell it like that". But this time it took me a few re reads before I felt that way because I just fell deeper and deeper into that moment. The beginning was just as ought to be, but what I think I will never forget was the laugh in Anne that was almost maniacal -it hurt to read that, because it spoke of such devastation, such grief, I understood as never before why Marilla left her alone. I don't think Anne could even bear to be with herself.
Then I read about her memory of the ride home in the buggy -and that arm around the back of the seat! Swoon, girl. Oh, Bertha, that was perfection, it spoke so much of the hope and the confidence and the naturalness he felt with her, the way he couldn't not be as near her as possible ever chance he got. I fell in love with that boy all over again, because I knew he would be thinking of that memory of her blush over and ove,r and his body and heart must have been singing with joy. Yet he was so damn cool, and she was so damn uncomfortable. It was the most perfectly observed thing, and I thank you for it.
Picking the flowers was a revelation, the analogy of Roy as one kind, and Gilbert as many. Of Roy as hothouse and Gilbert as wild. I tried to say something similar myself but when I read the way you phrased it, the way you understood it, I was just BAM! That was it, right there, like an itch I couldn't scratch now utterly satisfied.
And the lines, the lines!
'the wisdom of the present...'
'the lilies fit her hand...'
'he had become her ground...' (yes yes yes!)
'he tossed her the best apple...' (don't know why but that killed me especially)
'the beauty that hurt her...'
'at least part of her was in love with him...'
'the little stems bent and broken...' (again, I don't know why but it made me understand something about them)
'a bouquet she hadn't gathered with her own hands...' (argh!)
'funny she'd never noticed how well they went together' (Oh Anne!)
What I realised is how mightily hard this would have been to write without becoming sentimental and overly dramatic, so sorry about that. But then, not sorry at all because now I get to read this anytime I need to.
Thanks so much, Ms B. Sounds like another is coming up sooner rather than later! Woo hoo :o)
5/27/2015 c7 Astrakelly
Cool and really nice:)
5/27/2015 c7 Erika
Beautiful. You are a very talented writer!
5/27/2015 c7 Edkchestnut
As always, you have done a beautiful job. I was so glad to see you update, I would hate to think you had abandoned this story. This was very well done and wonderfully written. Having read all of Katherine-with-a-k's diary stories, I can truly appreciate what she and you are doing and the fact that you both have very different styles. Therefore, even though the characters and events are the same, you each put your own unique spin on them and create something completely separate from one another. I think you are doing a brilliant job and I hope you will keep it up. I don't know if you usually do requests but one thing I have always wanted to see more of was the passage in AoA where it briefly speaks about Anne and Gilbert writing the letters to the paper that caused so much mischief. I would love to see how that came about and what all of the letters were. There was some mention about a letter that talked of two young men vying for the same girl and that everyone knew it was Gilbert and Charlie fighting over Anne. I always wondered how that came to be if Anne and Gilbert were the ones writing the letters and Anne always felt that she and Gilbert were only friends, then how come she would allow that letter to be sent and people to assume that it was about her when she vehemently denied her relationship with Gilbert. If she was so aware of it, then wouldn't she have been more uncomfortable with him prior to Miss Lavender's wedding. Another thing I would love to see you write is the many visits between Anne and Gilbert when he got better, before they became engaged. I know that K did it in the diaries, and it was wonderful, but I would like to see your perspective on it. As always, I am a stickler for romance so any of that is always welcome. Great job and keep it up!
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