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for You Know the Night

5/9/2020 c38 shawolmblft
This was so incredibly fun to read! Thank you for taking the time to write this.
3/25/2019 c38 3Sydders09
I think I read this story a few years ago, like back when I first watched OHSHC (feels like 5 years now), and it's still awesome. The story is well thought out and just solid. Kyoya and the other hosts felt like the same characters in the show/manga and Laney was a great addition to them. Great job. :)
1/1/2019 c4 Guest
I forgot how much I love this story. Not gonna sugarcoat it, some of your grammar is wrong. But you're a wonderful writer. I probably read this for the first time when it first came out and reading it again is a delight!
6/24/2018 c38 Callie
This was such a sweet story! I loved it. I also greatly appreciated the nod to Williamsburg; it’s my favorites place on Earth, and while it’s not my home yet, I hope to live there one day. The Southern references were wonderful; I’m a Southern girl, myself, and my family comes from a long line of pretty decent fiddle players and mandolin pickers. The way the Southern culture mixed with Japanese aristocracy was absolutely glorious!
I loved Kyoya’s development through the story; very well done. Thanks for a marvelous read!
11/11/2017 c38 gossamermouse101
Oh Tamaki and his eternal love of the kotatsu.
7/19/2017 c38 56kittycat69
I LOVED THIS STORY SO MUCH omg thank you! I loved Laney as a new character and I loved her dynamic with they fell in love was also so realistic and great to read. The drama at the end with Kyoya going back to Japan and Laney following him was SOOOO DRAMATIC and fun to read (and the Tamaki element was really nice too) thank you for the great story!
6/8/2017 c38 Starcrossed
That was an ADORABLE ending, a perfect tie in to the original. Job well done, author! It's been a pleasure!
6/6/2017 c5 Starcrossed
I am really enjoying this so far! Realistic original characters, good use of nostalgia and using cannon characters, a good amount of conflict, and it's a simple but believable plot line! Your timing is good, and delivery is very satisfying so far. Keep it up!
12/31/2016 c35 cause I'm awesome like that
Haha i love drunk kyoya
6/3/2016 c38 Queen Martha Pond
This is amazing! Laney is just perfect for Kyoya they compliment eachother perfectly. She is also such a good character, so well written. I absolutely loved this story. Amazing!
3/8/2016 c38 2Jessi.DarkFox
I teared up at the kotatsu scene. You evil person you. XD This deserves a thousand reviews, for you have excellent style. I loved it!
11/22/2015 c38 2Keiko Taniyama
Absolutely amazing. Loved it from beginning to end.
9/28/2015 c38 5LMarie99
5/5/2015 c38 wajagirlliz
AWWWW! LOVED YOUR STORY! Fantastic write and a fabulous fan fiction. _
5/5/2015 c3 wajagirlliz
HA! Not a morning person indeed! Love this chapter :) Cannot wait to continue reading your story _
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