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for You Know the Night

4/27/2015 c38 10Tasia'sENDLESSDreams
I hope you understand how much I've fallen in love with this story. I perused it for what I thought would be for 15 minutes. That then promptly turned into a four hour binge session until 4:00 a.m. in the rising light of dawn. You're writing is so clear, correct and picturesque it make me borderline ashamed of my own. I don't even know how you like my When in Rome story with writing of this character. And I actually LOVE Laney as a character. Her Southern quirks are beautifully enduring. I also love the strength of the women in her entire family. You've built her so well as a character. I'm glad to read more of her in your new story, and I might catch myself re-reading this again. And may I say THANKYOU for writing the adult situations in this with such class. This story proves our boys can be written grown and sexy without the smut in beautiful smoldering detail that still pulls off at T rating. Love this story. Love everything about it. Hate that it's over!
4/11/2015 c38 3gingerwithattitude
Aww a kotatsu that's so perfect. I absolutely loved this story!
4/10/2015 c38 slytherintohell
Oh my god I love it! One of my favorite Kyoya stories!
4/10/2015 c38 No-Time Lord
T-T It's over, people. Much sadness. However, gonna take a cliche here:
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." -somebody that I'm too lazy to look up right now
Thanks for writing this and DON'T STOP! :)
4/10/2015 c38 390mutemuia
Amazing final chapter!
The kotatsu... A nice symbol for Tamaki, indeed. And their friendship...
And a self-invitation to visit XD
Well, we'll miss them, at least until your next story.
Thanks a lot for writing.
4/10/2015 c38 KyoyaOotoriLover
Love love love it! Is there going to be a sequel to this? Please say there is.
4/9/2015 c37 No-Time Lord
This story has been a wonderful journey. I look forward to both your epilogue and your future stories. Please DON'T STOP WRITING! :)
4/9/2015 c37 mutemuia
Just married!
Thanks for a great story, realistic characters and even more real reactions. A well plotted narration and amazingly written.
Oh, well, I think I said already I like this story? XD
4/8/2015 c35 No-Time Lord
Oh my god I'm gonna miss this story sooo much. Sorry I'm late reviewing; I was a bit busy (No-Time (ba dum chhhh)). Anyway, another great chapter and many many smiley faces for the Kyoya Tamaki interaction; can't wait for the next update! :)
4/7/2015 c36 mutemuia
The night before W-Day!
It's always interesting to know Kyoya can be 'persuaded' XD
And your sense of humour: 'I'll be the one in white'!
4/7/2015 c36 PlumChutney
OMG there's another person in the world that knows the Jennie Jenkins song! I used to sing it while hiking with my family and the colours would get so wacky. My favourite was "no I won't wear beige, it'll only show my age" :D
Sorry for the random info :P and thank you for that blast from the past!
3/31/2015 c35 mutemuia
I loved that phase of a drunk state: the exaltation of friendship! I never imagined a drunk Kyoya saying those big words about a friend XD
I guess Tamaki neither, hehehe...
Besides, Kyoya knows all he said is true. He would be other different person without Tamaki in his life.
I liked the way you told us that. And seeing Kyoya babbling, priceless XD
3/31/2015 c34 PlumChutney
This is such a good story! you've given your OC such a great character, and I think you've captured 'romantic Kyoya" really well, something that must be really hard to do since he's so stoic -_-
I don't think I can ship Kyoya with anyone else now, I'm looking forward to further chapters so much! you kept me up till 3 am when I had a 9am class though, so I'm not sure I can forgive you.
3/30/2015 c34 mutemuia
Well, you have us swinging from laugh to tears. I knew that story about Laney's grandparents had to be your own grandparents' story. It's so touching and overwhelming that had to be true.
Thanks for another chapter.
3/30/2015 c34 No-Time Lord
Oh my god. The story about your grandparents and Laney's grandparents is heartbreakingly beautiful. Also, I cannot get over how well you capture all the characters. Thank you for writing this story! :)
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