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for You Know the Night

3/17/2015 c25 3SarahELupin
The shit hitting the fan is my favorite part of a story }:
3/17/2015 c25 391mutemuia
A part of me hoped you wouldn't do that :(
But if Yoshio is about to make his appearance...
This was an amazing chapter, two friends telling each other the whole truth.
3/15/2015 c24 Guest
This fic is wonderful in every way but i'm worried about the characters because it feels like shit is about to go down.
3/13/2015 c24 Guest
Thanks for explaining me about Buffy. Obviously, I didn't get it XD
Oh, well, that Kyoya taking Laney's pillow unknowingly made me have butterflies in my stomach. Seriously.
Ah, Carmen... I always thought she would marry Kyoya, but the author didn't do.
I love this Tamaki, almost giving to Kyoya a proper intervention about love and Laney XD
OMG! Laney told to him these three magical words...
And Kyoya too! Amazing!
You want to kill me today, right? XD
Looking forward to your next chapter...
3/13/2015 c24 Guest
This fic and this chapter is wonderful in every way but all the cute moments makes me worry that shit is gonna go down
3/15/2015 c24 mutemuia
I can't believe it. My review was never sent :(
Well, I felt butterflies in my stomach when Kyoya took unknowingly her pillow.
Then, that conversation with Tamaki made me unease, but when Kyoya took care of her that way, and they said each other the three magical words, I melted by moe... "Literally".
Laney would be embarrassed when she recalls what she said. But Kyoya, who knows what Kyoya is thinking?
And time is going by, and Yoshio has to appear to mess up.
An amazing and lovely chapter.
And thanks for your explanation about the toast...
3/13/2015 c24 3gingerwithattitude
They said I love you *squeals* can't wait for the next one!
3/11/2015 c23 gingerwithattitude
Loved this chapter!
3/11/2015 c23 391mutemuia
What Hikaru said was like a stab straight to the heart... Extremely painful...
And a question: what's that about toasts to Buffy (Vampire Slayer)? Am I missing anything? :(
I don't know what's Kyoya thinking. I still have faith. Maybe that he finally stands up to his father for Laney?
3/10/2015 c22 mutemuia
Leprechaun traps? XD
Well, it's a matter of time that Kyoya faces his father, if he is really interested in marrying Laney, and I think so, even he is not realized yet...
3/10/2015 c21 mutemuia
Amazing chapter! It's nice to see again the whole Host Club (yes, capital letters too).
About Kyoya and Laney, it's hot here, isn't it? XD
3/3/2015 c20 mutemuia
OMG, It's a so sweet chapter that I'm scared when troubles finally get into their way...
3/3/2015 c20 2Cherry-Wish
As a OHSHC writer as well, I started with the basic high school scene, but I love that you've daringly and successfully skipped ahead in time with the manga. I read the story through to your latest update, I hope that you continue with more great chapters.
2/28/2015 c19 Guest
please do not take this down
this is a really good story
2/27/2015 c19 Guest
update soooon
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