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for The Power He Knows Not

7/17 c11 qalthrowaway
omake (great weddings)

and thus did the latrines stretch like serpents across the land, and all did smell their mighty stench,
for great was the feasting and great the unheaping, and the leavings of merriment with grace did flow.
Thankful the Lords and Ladies for this great blessing, and their faces shone brilliant with new purity
as meat and merriment cheerfully they partook and cheerfully they did pass.

/ magical beasts and whence they came to be

and as the ages passed, the land did shake and break and form anew. Power from their bindings flowed free as the earth, weary and weakened but true, held fast for the children she had borne and bore and would bear.

Power shook free and the living did take note, and creatures marvelous and fair, great and terrible did bend and mix and shape anew, and from old ash came new birth and rebirth and renewal.

For even as the ages turn sand memory fades, mystery lingers and charms await
beyond the next corner.
7/10 c11 TheBlueFire
This is truly the best I've ever read! I love it!
6/4 c6 Guest
I don’t like how you changed the fight to be so much more one sided. Harry’s being there should have made the fight a lot easier. Not have it be exactly the same by making Harry not really effect anything in the long run.
5/28 c10 3s-david-m
Great story! I was wondering of you would eventually make this a pseudo back story for HP. In fact, Harry should have had a couple of grandchildren named Godric and Salazar for a laugh, only for them to turn out to actually be the founders.

I'm frankly surprised Harry never tried his hand at wand crafting. Surely there are enough magical creatures in middle earth.
5/27 c8 Guest
Dumb as fuck. Had high hopes until this ending. Not even going to bother to continue reading. Waste of time.
5/25 c11 7HarryPotterFangirl85
Enjoyed the story
5/16 c11 GreenEyesAreAwesome
very good fic
5/9 c11 2crimson hearts
yeah love how Harry's story ended. all the details were greatly appreciated thank you.
5/9 c10 crimson hearts
I was on the edge of my seat these last chapters and find I like the way his judgment turned out.
2/24 c3 leblanq
ok I got a headache reading the dialogues.
2/4 c11 Guest
good sor
1/29 c6 didyousaytim
the last two chapters were well done. desparation but not relief. will over might.

i liked the conjuration/transfiguration of rubble to walking rock trolls and golems. Magic definitely could impact them if one could avoid an orc arrow in back of neck.

The trio of doom for the Black King was well done.

Agree that Theoden's death would mean a lot to Harry and future plans (i.e., he was welcome jnto house of Eorl on trial basis with the gift of horse. can just see Shadowfax arranging for a foal to be there for the grandchild)

i did feel that Harry could defeat a lot of trolls with tranfiguration (funny to just meld the armor so both legs joined and toppled the big Orcs and Trolls like petrifis spell that toppled Neville in year 1
1/23 c2 TurtleMilker
Congrats on writing Harry's character so accurately...since you wrote him as a mopey bitch that doesn't use magic and has no idea how to be proactive.
12/24/2020 c2 Luxo11
So he’s in a world of magic but he’s afraid to show his magic because he’s unsure how people will react? That just doesn’t make sense. Honestly the whole situation is kinda cringe.
12/23/2020 c11 4albinlundholm3
you have ruined every other crossover between harry potter and lord of the rings with this for me because this was so good and exactly what I have been looking for
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