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8/24/2020 c1 A Carwile
A rocky start to marriage, shockingly made worse by a vicious vixen was grabbing. Yet you filled the story with warmth and wonder. The ending where Laura and Glen cannot argue their version of truth was satisfying! Keep ‘em comin’!
9/26/2019 c17 Guest
Send Laura to Siberia! She's really getting on my nerves! Lol.
5/26/2018 c21 crayons64
I have enjoyed your story. Well done!
3/3/2018 c21 Guest
. This was an absolutely wonderful story I enjoyed it very well it was wonderful to read that are Perry and Della got married and had children I just cried all the way through it it was beautiful thank you for writing this story it is nice to have a happy ending
10/5/2017 c21 Guest
I re-read this story and say that Della has always been too generous and kind. She should have testified against Laura as the bottom line was that LAURA did cause her to fall and suffer damage. The fact that Laura was still trying to have her way with Perry was ridiculous because she was married for decades to someone else. I was elated that Perry and Della joined forces to rid their lives of the pest Laura. Learning that Della and Perry were married for nearly 40 years and had children was a sword in the heart of Laura. Laura's husband was stupid and his treatment of Perry was ridiculous, Laura and Glen deserve each other. One cannot separate "Sh" from "it".
Oct. 5, 2017 9:51pm
11/4/2015 c21 Guest
great ending.
11/2/2015 c18 Guest
finally! it took long enough. it was a wonderful story and i enjoyed it.
11/2/2015 c16 Guest
not sure i agree about della talking to laura. let burger do it, not perry either. laura still has too much control.
11/2/2015 c14 Guest
i'm glad they will be togrther again, but what will be done with laura? ship her away!
11/1/2015 c8 Guest
yes sometimes he is an idiot!
11/1/2015 c1 6Jlk9506
Not sure but the comment about this seeming familiar strikes me that someone believes I may have lifted the story/idea from someone else? If that happened it was purely by accident. I wrote every word of this story. It is posted on another site where I use a different name but it's all mine.
11/1/2015 c7 Guest
seems he'll never have enough of laura.
11/1/2015 c1 Guest
this sounds so familiar.
10/5/2015 c21 cakidd
Loved this story - I loved Perry Mason. Great Job - I hope you continue to write.
4/16/2015 c21 Guest
I love the whole story. I do think Laura get off too easy in most of the FF. You are right though Perry belongs only to Della and vice versa.
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