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8/14 c1 1Srta.NR
Obrigada pelo aviso, é muito deprimente essa história. Mas você escreve bem.
2/9/2004 c1 17Chiquinta
Blood and brains? Eww! You could have just stuck to the blood. Sorry to spoil your ending though but I totally saw him throwing himself off the balcony.
I'm surprised you didn't add a paragraph about them skipping through fields of wild flowers after their deaths...
12/11/2002 c1 10Maartje
okay, I might do a prequel on this, to explain why Marguerite acted the way she did, as it is now I can see why you think it is very out of character.

THANKS! For the reviews, I love everyone of them, thank you all for taking the time to do this. Cookies all round ;)
12/10/2002 c1 Beckers
Whoa! Well, you did warn us.

Not bad but the characters, particularly Marguerite, don't quite ring true. She's a survivor if nothing else.

However, angst is angst and I respect what you tried to do here. Poor Roxton!
12/7/2002 c1 LadyKate4
Okay... Well that was a bit depressing. It was written very well, but you might want to try to seperate what every one says into different paragraphs it would be easier to understand.

Great Job!

12/7/2002 c1 Lisa
This is soooo sad, I nearly cried, oh please,continue the story...
12/6/2002 c1 g-PRIME
1 word:

beautifull (probably not spelled correctly)
12/6/2002 c1 lois
I prefer more upbeat things, and I don't think it was true to the characters, but it was well written, and disturbing. I won't read it again, but I would try another of your Lost World stories. Good luck

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