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for Kyalin one shot series

9/10/2020 c19 Guest
5/25/2020 c4 Guest
4/8/2019 c3 jiji
3 thanks for this
12/2/2016 c3 Guest
lol, this is precious xD

Really wish you'd do another - with Kyalin and Krew (Opal included) playing this time
11/16/2016 c19 3OTrizy
Aah Toph way to narrate their actions with witty comments
11/16/2016 c1 OTrizy
I cried, is this chapter supposed to make some readers like me cry. You know the feels
5/18/2016 c3 Guest
lol, this is great!
Really missing some new Kyalin story from you these days. Keep re-enjoying these older ones and they are still awesome!
Hope you are doing fine.
Thanks for so much fun and feels you've provided (re-providing) :)
11/10/2015 c19 2BritNB
I really enjoy this pairing! Your one shots are great! Can't wait for more.
9/7/2015 c19 17The-Fluff-Master1882
Lol great chapter! You know, I'm always a sucker for romantic proposals so if you can write something about that, I would be very happy.
9/7/2015 c15 The-Fluff-Master1882
Wow those pick up lines...the Wonderland one would be the best I think.
9/7/2015 c3 The-Fluff-Master1882
OK seriously if this show returns to TV I want none other than you to be the writer. Everything is pure fucking gold!
8/31/2015 c19 2funio10
So I just read all of the os in this story and they're all amazing! It's a pity that there are so few Kyalin fics. I love how you described the characters, I think you really get their tru personnalities. I hope you'll be adding more to this!
8/18/2015 c19 Guest
Nice to see those twos reactions.
8/13/2015 c19 1LanasNightwish
Oh my God these are awesome!
They actually made me laugh and grin and I feel better now. So euhm yeah thanks and please continue, cause they're great and your writing style is awesome!
8/8/2015 c19 Guest
Sniggering all the time, throwing in Toph and Katara friendly bantering over Kyalin was great idea.
Thank you, thank you so much for doing femslash week an awesome Kyalin week
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