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5/17 c15 Anon
Wonderful story! Though we know it was an open ending there, Mother and Lady are right. Their work is never done. The wizarding world may healing, Thedas needs a serious makeover of change. Mages, Templars, Darkspawn, Tevinter, Elves, Dwarves and even the Qunari. I hope in the future there will be a sequel. Thank you for the story. I enjoyed it. And who knows... Harry and his friends might visit them through the Eluvian one day. Cheers!
3/29 c15 3tymaxion
Damn~ I love Cullen as a character in DA and this story just made that even greater. I can't wait to see a sequel to this in Dragon Age 2 or Inquisition! DA2 would be great to see the ramifications of being in Kirkwall while being married to a witch/mage during the beginning days of the mage rebellion at the end of DA2.
3/6/2019 c15 21katmom
Thanks for sharing this epic adventure.
9/21/2017 c2 No name
Finally getting back to reading this after a year or two I think anyways I just though of a funny thing that could have happened in chapter 2 if Cullen was walking with Harry and saw one of hogwarts many suits of armor he probably would have assumed it was a Templar standing guard for a moment idk why the idea just kinda gave me the giggles.
8/9/2017 c15 3Raven BlackRose21
I do hope you make a sequel! I enjoyed this story greatly and got drawn into it immediately! I will take to following you to see what you come up with next :) Awesome job with this story. Really really brillant.
1/22/2017 c15 BillBrink
Wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with us.
9/7/2016 c2 Guest
I like your Cullen. I didn't like him too much in DA:O because he kinda went all mental but this is very entertaining to read.
7/12/2016 c15 Shamgar777
This was an awesome story. I really hope you do write the sequel. Luna in Thedas would be interesting.
4/11/2016 c15 34yorushihe
This story is amazing!
I don't know a bitty about Dragon Age, actually, but I had no problem following your descriptions/explanations. Cullen seems awesome! (I couldn't resist and googled him around chapter 3 xD)
I love how some Squibs kickass, and redeemed!petunia was nice!
Wish there was more romance, but I understand it wasn't the focus, so I enjoyed all the adventure instead~
Wish I had time to play Dragon Age now, it seems like the kind of game I'd jump right into! Thank you for this story, I really apreciate it!
Had fun,
2/25/2016 c3 No name
Ok chapter three was a complete failure 1)who the hell is lady hogwarts 2) who's the elf woman controlling the house elves 3) the Stewart of hogwarts? Ok and maybe we could buy it but wouldn't be stay at hogwarts and not leave to stay with others 4) when did he meet Neville gaurdian exactly I know it's mentioned but maybe go I to greeter detail 5) why the hell would the order let him in there he's a stranger they wouldn't let him into there hide out 6) you really need to explain what's going on half time I'm lost and I feel like there missing pieces an example of this would be when Cullen is talking to malfoys mom and he sits her down ok but at some point he gestures to malfoy so where'd he Coke from? There's a lot of issues with this chapter and it needs work I hope chapter 4 isn't the same. I will say however good job this is an interesting idea however Cullen also seems to be taking all of this in stride and also doesn't seem to question all the modern things the way they talk or ever have a strong curiosity about the world at all.
1/15/2016 c6 Guest
Andraste always reminds me of Boudicca and bit mix of joan of arc who rise against roman aka imperium and drove them out of Britain or Ferelden
12/6/2015 c15 hukomuyo
This was amazing, I loved Cullen in Harry Potter universe, I still don't really dig Cullen/Luna as a pairing, but I enjoyed. I would have preferred them as a sibling pair, with Cullen protecting her because she reminds him of his sisters or something. But still I would love a sequel.
11/23/2015 c15 Umbra.Venator
Bloody awesome story. looking forward to the sequel :)
9/12/2015 c15 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great read!
9/2/2015 c15 1Warrof
Cute cuddly kind of story... Though I personally would have prefered more use of Andraste. I.e. Invoking of her name by other characters, particularly against those vamps in the end.
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