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for Crossing the Border

2/8/2015 c1 LifeIsAGreatAdventure
I've never taken to the Dragon Age (or most of the dragon focused), genre, but am curious to see how this fic proceeds. I would certainly ask you to continue this...Thanks for your hard work on it.
2/8/2015 c1 Wulffe
Very interesting start to a wonderful tale ...
2/8/2015 c1 1FreeTraderBeowolf
Very interesting opening. I of course enjoyed Luna's reactions. I do hope you continue this.
2/8/2015 c1 ww1990ww
*mad cackle* Oh hilarity of this situation will be just to amusing. And I can bet that cullen might be this who temper Harry idiocy and start using brain.

About paring. Hmm Luna/Cullen maybe? And Harry/Not Ginny or Hermione?

On the other note are ther any chnaces that you might later continue to DA:I?
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