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1/5/2021 c7 reisova
Very good story
5/20/2020 c7 Clare
I always think AU stories must be the hardest to write because you have to come up with a really great, inventive and believable plot for it to be any good, but you have written a fabulous one here! It has everything...swoony parts, hotness, conflict, angst, emotion. Definitely adding it to my list of favourites :)
4/5/2020 c7 DropOfGoldenSun
I just LOVE this fanfic. Very different from the rest and yet si sweet and hot!
7/25/2019 c7 juupke
Oh, how I *love* this story!
So here I was, thinking I had read all of your SOM stories multiple times already (and I know, I'm very bad at leaving reviews... there is no excuse for it). Imagine my surprise when I discover that in my 7 months of reading fiction in this lovely fandom I had somehow always skipped this story! And not just any story, but rather one that immediately sky rocketed to a very high spot in my list of favorites, too...
So really, Thank You. For all of your lovely stories, but this one in particular.
1/21/2019 c7 Diane
This was really cute. Read all your stories. Loved them! You are an amazing writerl
6/29/2018 c7 10bloomandgrow
Just when I was lulled into a false sense of security that everything would be plain sailing between them, the misunderstandings and tension ratcheted up. You really know how to keep a reader hooked until the very end.
Maria's prickly defensiveness and vulnerability made my heart ache for her, but I loved the way Georg so tenderly, patiently talked her round and convinced her of his love.
This chapter put me through an emotional wringer but in the best possible way.
Thank you for another wonderful story. I really loved it.

And btw, that image of a naked, unshaven Captain smeared with chocolate was too delightful - that is definitely one to keep in my head!
6/29/2018 c6 bloomandgrow
Ah, blissful sigh, how gorgeous was this chapter. I love the exhileration of G and M finding each other finally confessing their abiding love and giving in to their passion. That thing with the chocolates just stopped me in my tracks - how incredibly hot that was. Lucky Maria!
This chapter was so wonderfully written, I know I will savour it over and over again.
6/29/2018 c5 bloomandgrow
I ADORED this chapter with the simmering tension between them boiling up into those delicious, tantalising kisses. This is TSOM at its best for me. It's an AU scenario but Georg and Maria are so completely in character and all the gorgeous tension between them is played out is such an original way. I just love it.
I was cheering our brave Maria - first asking to be kissed and then confessing her love. Yay.
6/29/2018 c4 bloomandgrow
Maria fearing for her virtue made me smile at the beginning, and I loved a forceful commanding Captain taking control. Even better they are snuggled together. It might be freezing outside in the story but I bet the temperature is rising exponentially under the blankets. What an absolutely delicious scenario.
6/29/2018 c3 bloomandgrow
Wow, you have drawn out the near-death tension of this chapter so amazingly well. An earthquake wouldn't have stopped me reading it.
All the descriptions were so vivid I had goose bumps and clammy skin from the cold and wet, even though it is hot where I am.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry that Maria's delirium involved kissing the floor for Sister Berthe. And then that moment where the Captain is wearing nothing but a wrist watch - well, I have to confess that even with the seriousness of the story I completely lost my train of thought. Phew.
6/29/2018 c2 bloomandgrow
I loved Brigitte's interrogation of Georg at the beginning of the chapter - they have come such a long way since he used to silence his children's questions with a glare.
Agathe's mother is a formidable harridan but how adorable that Georg was so protective of Maria -organising her favourite foods and having presents sent for her. That made me melt with happiness. And Georg wearing Max's lurid scarlet sweater to annoy his mother in law made me laugh.
How telling also, that Georg has suddenly become impulsive and is suggesting the he and Maria leave Innsbruck.
Oh my, that cliff hanger at the end made my heart thud anxiously; it would have killed me if I had to wait to find out what happens next.
I am so gripped by this fabulous story.
6/29/2018 c1 bloomandgrow
What a fascinating start to the story. I love the set up with Elsa already despatched but MAria hasn't just fall into his arms; instead she is protecting her vulnerable heart. I love the peace they have found with each other, with the Captain in denial that she will ever leave; but then bam, she breaks the news and he feels his world crashing in. So much so he misses that telling little entry remark to delve further into what has happened with her - "after what happened."
As always I am completely hooked and intrigued from your first chapter. And even better I don't have to wait to see what happens next :-)
10/6/2016 c7 Gallifrey-Rose
Loved it, I was dreading you were goib g to make it that tg ey didn't stay together,... so happy it was a happy ending x
12/7/2015 c7 15ThePoorDidntWantThisOne
How is it that I missed this gem of a story?

As always it was astoundingly wonderful and a bit angsty and deliciously sexy and romantic. I loved the entire story.

Her regressing back to wearing her “old and shapeless” clothes was such terrific symbolism of the obvious walls that she built up to protect herself after her return from the abbey. Your writing is always full of these profound little ones that sneak up on you. Brilliant.

I love the idea of them debriefing one another at the end of the day and taking amonet for themselves. It seems very natural that they would develop a tentative friendship and try and suppress the obvious sexual tension, until that very last moment when the say goodbye on the landing. Oh, the angst! Especially when you know that she considered following him one night… but I suppose that would be a different sort of story…

“As lame as blue strawberries…” I am stealing that line for the next time one of my kids tells me a whopper :)

“The third floor is unheated”, lol! They both protest too much I think…

A deserted shed, wet clothes, and early stages of hypothermia...whats a boy to do? Offer to get naked-for survival, I love this whole scene. Actually your description of Maria as she succumbs to the cold is fairly accurate. I have been there and you do go rather goofy and giddy. But there was no Captain Von Trapp to offer to strip off for me...bummer

“You can put your hands anywhere.” Umm… hot. That is all.

I love how you managed to make Maria wonderfully innocent but not ignorant. Very difficult to do. She isn’t clueless about his body and I love that she was a little offended when he said that it was just biology and not her...liar liar…

The entire exchange about being the oldest virgin… GOLD

And the little detail about her feeding Kurt the raisins all this time. I could actually picture that happening and see Kurt’s delighted little grin each time they got away with it.

“I can’t kiss you anymore.” “Oh yes you can.” Seriously...swoony. Sigh.

I rather like your Maria calling him on his odd behavior after the dance and you're giving him a chance to explain what he was going thru.

Naked Captain Chocolate a WIN in my book. Always.

Best fade to black ending that leaves you satisfied and wanting more at the same time. Delicious story! Well done!
10/25/2015 c7 8MuggleCreator
Pardon me while I melt! Eeeeeeeeee...
I. Love. Your. Stories.
Your characterisations are spot-on, and oh! This...
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