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5/2/2015 c14 AOSISMYLIFE
great chapter like always! LOL live long and prosper. Is the last chapter the actual last chapter of this fanfic?
5/2/2015 c14 4scrawlx1012
cant wait to see the grand finale :)
5/1/2015 c14 11KayC21
WOW! I love all the characters developments, great job :D
4/22/2015 c13 AwesomeGirl
I have a question...will you also be writing for season two...this story isn't just going to just stop after season 1 right? Because this story technically could go on for as long as shield is on..unless that's not your plan.
4/22/2015 c13 AOSISMYLIFE
For The interrogation:

Name: Faye Anne Carter

Where is your family: "I don't know. I don't know my family."

Difference between egg and rock: An egg is a food..a rock is.. a rock...but a rock could possibly be a weapon if desperate.

Sitting on the sand in a box..what's in that box: *thinks for a moment* A backpack with a gun and and laptop inside. Gun for protection...laptop to get in contact with everyone.

What are you here for: Before..I was here to make a difference in the world by saving people and destroying the enemy. I didn't just want to be an orphan for my whole life..I wanted to be a shield agent..one of the best decisions I ever made...now...I'm here for that now as well..but now I'm also here to kick Hydra's ass once and for all *smirks and then gets stoic again*

Hope I did that right! I wasn't quite sure what to do, but I hope this is helpful :D
4/22/2015 c13 AwesomeGirl
Name: Sabrina Marie Washionton

Family: Mother and Father(doesnt know where they are) brother deceased

Difference between egg and rock: "Many many differences...I could be here all day.."

What's in the Box: *blushes* Um..uh..well...I'd want someone to be there with me..I work better with other people..so..Bruce..because..he's my..partner..

What are you at Shield for: "I want to help people. After my brother died..I was just lost..I always loved science so I wanted to use my love for science by doing something that could ultimately save people and the world."

What happens if those you are following who are good turn out to be Hydra: (if this is one of the questions) My loyalty lies with Shield...no matter who is Hydra..I will always stay with Shield.

. I hope I did this right. Great chapter once again!
4/14/2015 c12 AOSISMYLIFE
I'am loving Bruce and Sabrina's relationship :D
Btw is there any certain way or certain people you imagine the characters as? If so you should find people and make a sort of collage for your profile pic(just a suggestion) I can't wait for the next chapter :D stay awesome.
4/14/2015 c12 AwesomeGirl
YES! Great chapter(even though every chapter seems to get better if that's possible!) and yes Sabrina and Bruce! Sabruce? Idk still need to think of a ship name. I have a quick question. Will you take a hiatus along with the show in the summer? Or will you write in the summer considering you are behind in the show?
4/14/2015 c12 4scrawlx1012
nothings changed?
4/11/2015 c11 RileyIsMyName
Yes! Great chapter and I ship Bruce and Sabrina..now for the ship name..I also ship Arthur and Katie :D
4/8/2015 c11 AwesomeGirl
I'm guessing..Katie..Sabrina..or Bruce will be inhuman..can't wait for the next chapter!
4/8/2015 c11 AOSISMYLIFE
Haha. I just realized May and Faye..their names rhyme xD
4/7/2015 c11 AwesomeGirl
Fabulous chapter!
1. Poor Jessica
2. I think romance between Bruce and Sabrina would be nice
3. I really hope my Oc is an Inhuman xD
4/7/2015 c11 AOSISMYLIFE
Woah! This was so awesome! I think Bruce and Sabrina's relationship should be romantic just in my opinion :-)
4/8/2015 c11 scrawlx1012
loved this wonder whats next :)
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