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2/18/2015 c4 AwesomeGirl
Sabrina is amazing! You did an terrific job! I'm looking very much foward to the next chapter :)
2/18/2015 c3 AOSISMYLIFE
When will the next chapter be published? Also AwesomeGirl agreed that you could change something in her OC..but her review didn't seem to go through yet.
2/16/2015 c3 David
What was the problem
2/16/2015 c3 AwesomeGirl
I'm so excited for the next chapter and incase my review didn't go through you can change the thing you wanted to change lol.
2/16/2015 c3 AwesomeGirl
Feel free to change anything :) I'll just be happy to be in your story
2/10/2015 c2 AOSISMYLIFE
I can't sign up. But you are free to change or add anything you'd like without my permission. :)
2/10/2015 c2 AwesomeGirl
Hi! I did not and I can not sign in. Can you please send me messages through review? :(
And btw AOSISMYLIFE is my sis, but we can't sign up..so sorry..but if you'd get in contact with us through reviews that would be great..if not i understand.
2/8/2015 c1 Chloe999
Name: Maia Anne Johnson
Age: 15
Personality: sarcastic, Sometimes quiet, happy at times, but mostly keeps to herself
Gender: female
Apperance: jet black hair with a red streak. big brown eyes and light freckles.
History: Her family was Hydra. They tried to force her to be Hydra and then they found out about her abilities are tried to test on her at age 12 but she ran away. She was put in a orphanage and was soon adopted. Her family was abusive and one day she snapped. She burned down the house and ran away. She decided to join Shield because she wanted to be good and try to help others
Family/Friends: Her parents/Hydra Agents. She becomes friends with Skye after joining the team and she looks up to her. Also your agents :)
Role: field agent/hacker
Clearance: 0-1 she's a new agent
Skills: she can use a gun and is great with computers
Weakness: Friends. Using people against her. And her demons(meaning her fears like lighting everything on fire due to her fire abilities)
Strengths: hacking. She is great with computers and she can hack into almost every file imaginable
Other: she has pryokenesis
:D so we can have people with powers right? Otherwise I'm screwed xD
2/10/2015 c2 9NN010
I like the concept of an OC driven story running at the same time as Agents of SHIELD season 1. I am following and favouriting this! Here is a SHIELD version of my OC Nick (with some changes (his last name for example))
NAME: Nick Jones

AGE: 30


PERSONALITY: His personality straddles the line between serious and light hearted (he is kind of bipolar basically), sometimes he is serious about what he is doing, others he is cracking jokes. He plays video games on his Xbox for a hobby, he tends to play FPS' (Halo and Call of Duty in particular).
APPEARANCE: 6 foot 2, brown eyes, black hair, very well fit (but far from Captain America level fitness),a scar on his chin from a fight with his old enemy from his police days Roger Smith (another OC of mine), a goatee, and a special gun holster under his left armpit (created by his good friend Bruce Gordon).

HISTORY: Nick grew up wanting to be a cop, he made his wish come true when he graduated police academy and became a cop in Detroit, Michigan when he was 21, he was a trusted detective in 1 year, shortly after crime boss Roger Smith came into his life and had his best friend at the time Pete Abbot killed. The 2 quickly became arch enemies and after the longest 5 years of Nick's life, he defeated him, during year 3 he met Bruce Gordon, they became friends quickly, Nick had to train himself in medical treatment so he can treat his own injuries (though he doesn't know much), SHIELD took an interest in him shortly after he defeated Smith and they approached him after Smith's execution, he graduated from the academy after his second year. He was a candidate for Coulson's team but it was decided that he was a better fit for Arthur's team instead and Ward toon his place.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: David Jones (Father), Kayla Jones (Mother), Charles Jones (younger brother), Taylor Johnson (girlfriend), Pete Abbott (best friend, deceased), Bruce Gordon (close friend).

ROLE: Combat Specialist

He doesn't have any powers yet, but his father's side of the family are Inhumans, he will have electricity based powers once exposed to the mists.


SKILLS: Criminology, Deduction, expert at Enhanced Interrogation, Good at Hand to Hand Combat, and Expert Marksman,

WEAKNESSES: He tends to have an emotional breakdown when talking about his past, particularly his 5 years spent fighting Roger Smith, he also isn't that by the book at times and that gets him into trouble.

STRENGTHS: He is an expert at Criminology, deduction, and Enhanced Interrogation. He also has high Marksmanship scores. He is also great at video games.

OTHER: None.
2/9/2015 c1 RileyIsMyName
I am sooo submitting a character 3
2/8/2015 c1 AOSISMYLIFE
Name: Faye Anne Carter
Age: 21
Gender Female
Personality: Stoic and mature. She doesn't joke around and likes to get the job done. She's a no nonsense person..but she has a dry sense of humor that surprises everyone.
Apperance: Curly brown hair and sharp blue eyes. She almost always has one eyebrow raised inquisitively.
History: She grew up with no parents and was passed around from Orphange to Orphange. She wanted to do something. Be someone. Help people. So at age 14 she enrolled in Shield academy.
Family/Friends: Taylor a girl from Shield academy(but she doesn't need to be in the story) other OCs. And your OCs.
Role: Field agent
Clearance level: 7
Skills: shoot her a gun without batting and eyelash. She can make herself appear innocent and then bam. You're dead.
Weakness: Getting shot, team getting shot. And the norm(like to oxygen..or poison xD)
Strengths: She quick minded and thinks of plans quickly.
Other: um..nope. XD thanks for reading. Great story so far :D
2/8/2015 c1 AwesomeGirl
Name: Sabrina Marie Washionton
Age: 18
Gender: F
Personality: Shy and quiet. She mostly keeps to herself, but she's tough when needed.
Apperance: Long dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She has a scar along her upper arm. She thin/normal
History: Grew up with a family who couldn't care less about her. They often neglected her and her older brother Samuel. When Samuel was 15 and she was 13 her parents were out partying and someone broke in the house. Her brother went downstairs and was killed by the men. When Sabrina found her brother she was devastated. In a fit of emotion everything around her levitated. The crooks flew out of the house and she was confused beyond belief. She ran away, but decided to join Shield. She wanted to help people and ultimately save the world.
Family/friends: Her mother Lisa Washionton, her father James Washionton. She didn't have much friends being the weirdo/nerd in school(but I wouldn't mind being friends with your OCs)
Role: biochemist
Clearance level: 5
Skills: very smart and is good with formulas and calculations.
Weaknesses: her emotions. Being under immense pressure. Claustrophobia.
Strength: She's quick on her feet to think of solutions and tries to take control of situations.
Other: nope :)
Sorry for gram icsl erros. Byee
2/8/2015 c1 11KayC21
Can I submit an OC character?
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