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11/30/2020 c20 2Nightroad816
well its been a while and good new update chapter aswell...cant wait for not just Kira escorting Lacus its seem Heero well give a hand for her in space port...im so hype for what Terminal can store for new units too when Lacus got there...

also yeah for pulling your wisdom teeth is really a pain...so take a easy dude...
11/27/2020 c20 Blaze1992
So next CH seems like a fight is gonna happen, and I hope the truth about what Zaft has and planed to do gets out soon.
11/27/2020 c20 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter glad you finally updated I noticed Kira isn’t with archangel so I’m guessing he’s at home one or terminal for security.
11/27/2020 c20 Cloves
Love the chapter. I've been think. Why not show the CE peeps of a recorsing between Heero and Zechs fight? Been re-reading season 1 lol.
11/26/2020 c20 1TheEmeraldMage
I am definitely going to love shin's whole new development of being part of the main character team the true main character team. Right out of the gate this is way better then that 1 fan fic I read where shin does betray the military he used to work with but the round about way he did it made no sense to me. It also didn't help that all it took was a character who would never ever ever ever ever kill his own sister to make me immediately go by the end I can't read this anymore and I don't like where this story went. Kira would NEVER kill Cagili! Anyway I'm not reviewing that story I'm reviewing this one and as it is again love the whole shin joining the real good guys thing. Same goes for the other wing boys already starting to do a bit of a sneakin Deception to try to get back with the main characters except for one who is Obviously most likely going to stay with Z AFT. Well that and the fact that hes gonna be banging a certain attractive redhead lol. Speaking of banging I'm not entirely sure that lan will go so far as to give up on Quarte, because really she screwed and is most likely leading him on. As it is I seriously doubt that shes gonna break up with him and pretty much go nope we're not gonna be a couple anymore and it was all just a game. That would make her be a terrible person for doing that and as for the plan of the main characters it's pretty structurally sound. Over all there was a whole lotta stuff to consider and a whole lotta things that basically went above and beyond but as it is it is pretty good. I just hope this doesn't turn into a the gundam wing boys will overshadow everybody else because their mobile suits are way stronger than everybody else's scenario. But you're doing good for the most part and as always stay healthy and safe!
11/26/2020 c20 1StellarLupine
Looks like we may be seeing a nice Heero/Wufei Gundam duel next time. I hope Operation Passport goes without a hitch, and it's exciting to think about what chaos the other three Gundam pilots will create!

On a side-note; mobile-doll Grimgerdes! :0 (assuming I recall correctly what you based both the Raiden & Wyvern on)

Whatever happens next, this is only getting more interesting. Keep it up!
11/26/2020 c20 6CT7567Rules
Seems that Talia is suspecting that Durandal has another agenda aside from protecting the Plants. Hope she doesn't meet the same end she did in the canon.

Love that Stella is in a safe place and not being turned into a lab experiment. I really hope that she can get all of the shit that those Logos/Blue Cosmos bastards put in her. Still, I was expecting that Shinn would have a confrontation with Cagalli and Kira about what happened in the last war.

Speaking of said Impulse pilot. I understand the pain he feels about loosing his family. They were suppose to be safe in Elysium, but in war you never know where the next battle is or who will be killed regardless of whether they are civilian or soldier. But to blame Cagalli and her late father, that's taking it a step too far. If he were force sensitive, Sidious would want to keep a close eye on Shinn.

I can also understand Cagalli's reaction to Heero about what happened at Dardenelles but Heero had no choice but to fight the Orb Forces because of what Yuna did. Really wish the crew of the Takemikazuchi staged a munity after taking out those Alliance bastards on the bridge and joined up with the true ruler of Orb.

Seems that Gibraltar is about to become a battlefield and that means Heero is going to add more kills to his combat record, both ZAFT and Alliance. Though it may be a distraction for Lacus, Andrew and Aisha, I have a feeling that Duo and the others might either be forced to fight Heero or focus on the Alliance. I'm hoping its the Alliance.

So, I get that the Core Splendor has some weapons, but they aren't that much good against a mobile suit, does this mean Shinn in future chapters might pilot a Murasame or somehow get the flyers and silhouettes for the Impulse, cause it seems to me that he may not be piloting the Destiny in the future.

Speaking of the future, have you considered having the female part of certain couples wear lingerie and gloves when they have a moment with the one they love?

Happy Thanksgiving.
11/25/2020 c20 2JawsOnYou67
As always another wonderful chapter. It’s always nice to have these slow chapters focused more on character interaction then combat.

I’d like to thank you for the shout out. Seeing as you were one of the major inspirations for me to even undertake Metal Guardian. While it’s been slow on writing the next chapter it’s been going.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store next for your stories. Keep up
The good work and stay safe. As well, if this applies to you,

Happy Thanksgiving!
11/25/2020 c20 KentLinuxStadfelt
Poor Stella, i hope she gets better soon, and also i like Mihaly i hope he survive and defect he can be a great captain or senior staff of terminal. I cannot wait for the next chapter so i will know how Lacus plan will unfolds.
11/25/2020 c20 Ezylryb
Great chapter
11/24/2020 c20 2reverse read
ok, that order 66 joke gave me a good laugh.

man, i had almost forgot just how much id been looking forward to this chapter, since shin defected in the last one. i can almost hear this thought going through heeros head as hes listening to lacuss plan. "when did she begin taking after me for the crazy ass ideas?".

i will say though, that kind of idea will give the other 3 pilots (save for wufeis ass) the out they need at gibraltar. like anakin said in episode 3, "this is where the fun begins"

looking forward to the next chapter man.
11/24/2020 c20 TheyCallMeBeanz
Shinn stocks on the rise, I'm going all in while the getting is good. Seriously though great chapter, I'm honestly amazed that you've been able to constantly keep this amazing quality. Here's the obligatory per chapter comment about Duo and the anticipation for the next update.
11/24/2020 c20 2TrenchcoatMan
wow, grats on getting a spin-off. those are always near.

Im hoping all the sudden romancy talk with Lan is a hint that Quatre may take the chance that Heero is providing to go ahead and flee as well. I think Gibralter is probably the best time for Duo, Trowa and Quatre to go ahead and head back to the ship... though theres really no telling with those three.

I think Quatre will prolly do the most good back with Heero, but the other two might still have purpose hanging out with Fei for a bit longer.

11/24/2020 c20 Rydan fall
You know, will Heero somehow steal the other portions of the Impulse, during this fly by?

I guess we will know when you post the next chapter.
But that Core Splender only needs one from each and Shinn was quite rouge on those parts.
Quite a few of them are damaged, so if Heero can somehow steal the intact and ready to launch, ones...
Que Impulse II being grounded even longer.
Heero could have done something with that follow the core splender programming option, for one.
So it would thus make for quite the distraction, would you not say?

Best thing, if successfull, it will look like Heere managed to secure his objective, then the report of the Gaia being gone...
If only they could trick Meer onto that shuttle, you know.

Heh, if the canon Athrun escape still happens...
Then somebody might be cursing quite a bit, I guess.
Now if only they could lay their hands on the ZGMF-YX21RX11A that should currently be in EA hands.
Potentially AF or worse.
The X11A on the Freedom, especially after adding Forbidden its tech to it...
It would then be a beast to face.
Then switch out the Freedom for Wing Zero and...
11/24/2020 c20 13Takeshi Yamato
Hey, nice work with the story so far.

Something of a lurker, so I only really review when I have something that needs saying.

And that something this time is in regards to Lan.

She's really falling hard for Quatre, but she's missing something big.

Yeah, he's going to need to 'go home' after this is all said and done, but she doesn't need to stay behind in the Cosmic Era! Honestly, given all she's been through, she might be better off going to the After Colony universe WITH Quatre! Clean slate, and she'd get to stay with the man she loves.
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