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4/19 c17 Guest
I cant believe it Nazara is really a clone of azreal.
4/8 c25 3Bahamut0
I only recently finished Journey to a New Battlefield, and it made me a fan of yours. I never watched Seed Destiny, so I didn't know whether or not I'd get into this story (I don't know whether I dodged a bullet by not watching it). But I was pleasantly surprised to get just as hooked on this sequel. Keep up the good work man. Can't wait for the rest of this.
3/10 c25 Blaze1992
Whelp the merc is finally dead and the heart of Russia has proven again that it will not be taken or at least not without rivers of blood as the price.

I wonder how many readers heard the Katyusha song from another anime when the Russian reinforcements showed up.
3/8 c25 nliochristou
have Wufei, Trowa and Quatre been given any monikers by eitheir ZAFT and Earth Alliance;
3/3 c25 2reverse read
wowzers. that took me a week and a half, maybe close to 2 to read through. hot dam. i had almost forgotten you are a man of detail after my own heart.

its nice to see wufei take out an enemy that he considered so highly. the thought of jetstream sam teaming up with treize at any point in any conflict. the is a FF readers wet dream right there.

im looking forward to what ideas you have for this terminal / EF partnership going forward, you seem like you have something juicy in the works.

im so looking forward to the next chapter.
2/22 c25 Jojo86
Great chapter as always. Love this story since the beginning and can't wait to see it continue.
I eagerly await the next installment.
2/22 c25 1Payokumbuah
2/22 c25 2TrenchcoatMan
Honestly, the slow chapters are a bit easier to read for me. The battles are fun too, but i think i enjoy the exposition and character interaction more.

This was a pretty epic battle and we saw some pretty good fights as well as Wu Fei finishing off his dueling buddy. What will he do now, now that Rodrigez iss dead.

I can't wait for the scene with Heero meeting the spaniards. That will be fun I think, as well as the meeting between Terminal and Eurasia.

2/21 c25 6CT7567Rules
Awesome action packed chapter once again. I love these chapters the best, especially when it includes a music score.

Glad that Cagalli is doing everything she can for Shinn, but I really hope both of them learn the truth about what really happened at Elysium soon. They deserve that much.

Man, Talia really let Durandal have it about Stella. I can't say that I'm surprised. Rather than helping her, they planned to dissect her like she's some corpse carrying a fatal disease. Talk about all sorts of wrong.

I think my favorite part was the two Destroys turning their weapons on each other. That was cool.

So next chapter is a talking chapter. Well, that's just how it is with a story as awesome as yours. Speaking of stories, have you figured out anything else regarding that Star Wars story you told me about?

Will Kira be given the Strike Freedom?

Will Asagi's Astray be modified with a transformation mode like Wing Zero had before it's upgrades?

Will Stella finally get those drugs and shit out of her system?

I have so many questions that need answers.

Until I get them, I'll keep reading. Stay safe out there yourself.
2/21 c25 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter glad you updated, this was indeed battle heavy so next chapter is naturally calmer due to it contents, I almost forgot about Lacus and her mission so seeing her do her work involving the abandon space lab will be interesting, this is kinda silly to ask but do you or your friends have draws or references to the OCs from both stories cause I just realized I don’t have clear idea on the valkyrie team and their units designs.
Durandal comfortable sit on nuke chair lol
2/20 c25 TheyCallMeBeanz
Another update, another great chapter. It's been so long yet I'm still amazed at your ability to write battle scenes. There's always so much going on with so many characters and different points of view, but rarely do I find myself confused or lost. Keep up the great work.

Oh yeah before I forget, Duo best boy and still waiting for Trowe ship.
2/20 c25 2TheEmeraldMage
JESUS was this chapter long! There is no way I will describe my feelings so I will just say that it was nice that Cagali was willing to give Shinn a new chance at living with Shinn being happy about it. It proves how far they have grown and hopefully this will keep going. Speaking of growth, Talia blowing up at Durandel about being worse then the EA is worth noting since even she is getting sick of his bullshit and Wufei trusting Lunamaria with what he will do in this chapter was a smart move, making me happy that the cast is being you know smart and not stupid. That said, damn was this chapter a damn long one and it was very hard to keep track of things going on and a lot of characters were on display, which was fine but god the details were massive and made the big fight longer and exhausting. The only thing that I honestly remembered was the end of the Wufei vs. Sam rivalry because at least it ended and the fight, despite being bloated was a good fight. Hopefully, the EA will leave Mascow along, considering the whole Heero using the Twin buster rifle to prove a point thing lol. The chapter itself was a very good one, but I do hope the rest of the chapters won't be this type of long and as always stay healthy and safe!
2/20 c25 Rakaan
Thank you for the chapter; been wanting my Gundam fix!
2/20 c25 Guest
Quiet chapters give battle meaning while battle gives The Quiet Ones meaning.

My only gripe is it's going to take two to three months to get the next chapter.

Oh well in for a penny in for a pound, I ain't going nowhere.
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