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12/21/2019 c17 1REVANOFSITHLORD
lol i was suspicious with word Azrael legacy hmm so is same project ultimate coordinator?
12/21/2019 c17 JumpingToaster
Uhhhhhh... Having that dangerous but pathetic man as the template to the genetically enhanced commander... I'll probably say why when I understand it myself but I kinda feel like it's a huge letdown for some reason. Again, I don't know why I feel that way. NOT saying he won't develop into a insane threat (more than currently), that the choice was wrong, or that MA 2.0 will be a fascinating and vibrant character. But again, feel like the wind died in the sails a bit for the time being. Weird.

Some things will remain the same or similar to the canon GSD while others will be different as black and white. Old news but good news.

If a certain over the top man who can rip the US president in two is in the story I hope we see more and more of him bit by bit.

Safe and healthy holidays to all and a Happy New Year! May more good things happen in 2020 than bad compared to 2019!
12/21/2019 c17 matthew116
so Nazara is a Azrael clone? makes a lot of sense with some of Azrael's lines from the last epic. It would be an option to resort to cloning since Mu didn't make the impossible possible. but just how hasnt Nazaras body broken down yet? I mean the accelerated ageing alone should be trashing his body something fierce. I mean did they have Kaminoans on staff to fix their mistakes? Plus his immune system would be struggling to fight of even the most basic of bacteria let alone the common cold, So the fact he's alive is nothing short of an act of god.
but an act of god could actually be the act of the devil.
9/27/2019 c16 1StellarLupine
Ooh, two of the Winds of Destruction have been killed off already! Shemei & Quatre were the stars of this chapter's battle, in my humble opinion.

I'm also surprised Talia was as defiant as she was to Durandal early in this chapter, though it's understandable why she acted that way. So she may still turn on the Gundam pilots, just not preemptively.

Already looking forward to the next chapter, and that secret.
9/6/2019 c16 Mark1
Just came across this fic 2 weeks ago... Marvelous story, simply magnificent!
8/28/2019 c16 Blaze1992
Damn brat cause of him the MC's won't have a large Orb force to back them up later, though I am really surprised you didn't have Heero deal with him more closely.

Also surprised you went with Terminal as their group name instead of "celestial being".

There is a couple of things I take issue with namely the how's/preps the other Gundam pilots took/didn't take before jumping through the portal.

To me they should've taken more steps in preparation.

1st The suits should've been in a ship/carrier in case the portal is far away from any safe port/landing zone. Yet they didn't think of this?

2nd They should've brought along a spar buster rifle in case wing zero is lost/destroyed, jumping into a portal without one is highly foolish mistake to me.

All in all so far so good but it has it's own flaws.
8/27/2019 c1 corny
This may sound weird and corny but your devotion to Gundam Wing and Heero is absolutely moving.

Its been years and your still trucking along while a lot of other stories from 2011 and even 2015 have long since been abandoned.

I truly hope you manage to continue on until completion.
8/24/2019 c3 Blaze1992
7/20/2019 c1 8dr Whovian
I doubt Cagali and Terminal can return to Orb just yet, given the wider war taking place. Pure speculation here but it's possible the Earth Alliance forces have 'reinforcedoccupied) Orb so it can serve as another base of operations for one of their fleets. I know Terminal could still launch an assault, but the potential for collateral damage makes it a dicey prospect without careful planning or other circumstances they can take advantage of...

Besides, there are other theatres of war to consider. The loss of so many ships is a blow to the Earth Alliance, so Djibril may consider accelerating plans to get his Megazor... I mean 'Destroy' onto the field ASAP. Before that of course, Nazara might take to the field again with whatever forces they can muster. Another reader mentioned him being partnered with Mihaly to take on Heero. That would certainly make for an extremely difficult fight for Heero, but I imagine the Inevitable personality clash between his foes could be exploited in combat to great effect. Nazarra would likely be more of a hindrance to Mihaly in that regard, as his personal grudge would likely interfere with any attempt at cooperative tactics from Mihaly.

I find it interesting that Nazarra, in terms of piloting ability, is like a reflection of Shinn's future. Much like Nazarra, Shinn in the Destiny would be an irritating nuisance to Heero. Just skilled enough to survive against him, but no real threat without some backup on a similar level to even the odds slightly. Something tells me though, that those ostentatious 'wings of light' on the Destiny would meet their match in the Albion's voiture lumiere at full power, never mind the zero system. Of course, if Shinn were to suffer the misfortune of Shemei and Heero tag teaming him, he'd be mince meat in minutes, if not seconds. That's very unlikely to happen though, so I foresee plenty of temper tantrums being the cause of his future stalemate defeats.

On a different note, I can't wait to see how much of a fool Athrun will make of himself during the conversation with Kira and Cagali. I imagine his words will be sufficient provocation to sorely test Kira's temper, in which case Athrun will soon have a well deserved humiliating beatdown coming his way soon. Unless Heero decides to fire that warning shot, well... The Saviour is flashy but trashy even compared to the much older Freedom. I hope Athrun takes time to reflect on his actions as he's plummeting toward the sea in his limbless, totalled mobile suit.

I do like that Athrun's reasons for rejoining ZAFT are more clearly explained here than in canon. Of course, it doesn't change the fact that Durandal saw an angst riddled, gullible moron ripe for exploitation and quickly set about playing him like a fiddle. When Kira (or Heero) is finished teaching him a lesson, then he can go crawling back to Cagali and beg for forgiveness. I almost pity him.
7/19/2019 c16 3Reishin Amara
So with Yuna dead...Cagalli can basically return to Orb without worry of marriage and clean house.
7/18/2019 c16 Guest
If you ever have plans to have wing zero Albion upgraded give it dreig zwerg armaments for twin buster rifle as well as dragoon system for the outer wings called wing funnel system similar to the quebly.
7/11/2019 c16 12Admiral Larsen
Knowing full well that the temporary alliance may be coming to a close soon, Durandal would do well to bring additional assets as well as potentially nail down alliances into play once Heero and three of the other Gundam pilots decide to make a run for it.

Looks like the Earth Alliance is getting a bit smarter (though not by much) in anticipating what Heero will do. And while Dijibri will be enraged (again) he will see the potential possibility of pairing Nazara and Milhay together (although neither will like it) in order to increase the chances of destroying Wing Zero. And of course now that the Eurasians have a potential counter to Wing Zero, would it be correct in that they would try to make more suits similar to the one that battled Wing Zero in this chapter.

Although he doesn't know it yet, Wufei is slowly treading the path that would lead him to where he was in Endless Waltz.

A victory alright for killing two enemy aces and savaging the Earth Alliance fleet but a costly one due to having to kill Orb units as well. And you weren't kidding about canon taking a hit (and a missed opportunity for instead the Orb fleet should have been butchered by Shin while the Gundam pilots and their allies look on in horror and to add to that, somehow the eyes of the Impulse changing from green to red as Shin goes on his rampage).

Good question about Athrun and depending on his this goes and considering that you have a third story on the way and its potentials...its best not to speculate for now. It all depends on what Athrun does to earn the forgiveness of everyone, particularly Cagalli and Kira for he did have an indirect hand with what happened to the Orb fleet. And in terms of what I said earlier of being in the doghouse, well Heero probably will be "sleeping" outside although in the doghouse while Athrun will be forced to be outside in a makeshift shelter that doesn't provide much protection from the cold and rain.

Speaking of Heero, although he is sure of himself, I wonder if this will bring up memories of how he was the one who senselessly slaughtered the Earthsphere alliance pacifists back in his old world and the consequences.

For the upcoming meeting would the Gundam pilots also be present as well and Athrun does have a case right now that after the damage Heero has done, it should be easier to get Cagalli back into power (unless Unato with help from the Earth Alliance attempts to do a media spin on the disaster). It would also allow Wufei a chance to be introduced to the others. And will there be a certain spy to observe the meeting like back in canon. And of course once they discover the house of horrors, will all three ships want to take a shot at destroying the installations, along with Heero and the others ensuring that they make a recording of the horrors that they have stumbled upon.
7/10/2019 c16 1RandomChallenger
I loved the new chapter, worth the wait!
7/9/2019 c1 8dr Whovian
I think that no matter how much Shinn improves as a pilot, his inability to reign in his emotions will always work against him in battle. Yzak is an example of the opposite case: a hothead yes, but when tested he learned from his grave mistakes and matured as an individual. He no longer allows his emotions to control him completely.
Shinn has yet to face a similar test of character, but thus far the signs are not encouraging...

There is an argument out there (I think) that Seed Destiny Kira is an OP Gary Stu who can do no wrong. It's worth keeping in mind that Kira has yet to face a pilot in the current conflict (realistically, a veteran of the previous conflict comparable to Athrun, in a sufficiently advanced mobile suit) who could challenge him. Even if Kira seems 'too strong', I think every bit of his strength and skill as a pilot was earned through hardship and struggle. Recall what Wufei told Lunathat this power comes at a terrible price. The circumstances were different for Kira, as he was an untrained civilian teenager, but he paid that price all the same (his compassionate nature clashing with the realities of warfare) in the form of severe PTSD.
7/8/2019 c16 Arthogawa
Well, given the outcome of this battle, I highly doubt we're going to see a battle on a similar scale at Crete this time. Orb and the Alliance's fleet were utterly ravaged, and the Alliance is rapidly running out of Aces who can keep up with the Gundam pilots (and Kira didn't even have to really cut loose here, so noone is fully aware of what he is capable of at this time except maybe Athrun). Though that also has implications for the Minerva's combat readiness at Berlin and Angel Down...

Heero's found another true rival, though. I wonder what machine Mihaly will eventually pilot - wasn't there a mention of IBO tech a while back? Especially if he ends up being like Zechs, he probably would be willing to undergo those procedures (though I recall that's not exactly safe for adults...).

Shinn's improving, but...not nearly fast enough to realistically hold a threat to Kira (let alone Heero or any of the other Gundam pilots). Considering he needed Heine to bail him out (and he didn't get killed this time, nice), he's still below even an indecisive Athrun. Considering the backup the Archangel will have, I have to see Angel Down being an embarrassment for ZAFT if not a downright disaster (even if Wufei sticks with the Minerva). I really am hoping that Shinn gets that stick out of his butt soon...hopefully the upcoming events with Stella will do that.

And what's this? Meyrin being useful? I hope we see more of that since the operators were quite woefully underused in series.

Really curious how the confrontation between Athrun, Kira and Cagalli will go this time. I wonder just how much damage this has done to Athrun and Cagalli's relationship since she probably has a justification to feel like the Orb fleet wouldn't have been destroyed by Heero if Athrun had stuck around.
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