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for Gundam Wing: Destiny's Call

2/7 c21 RoyalTwinFangs
Very good chapter
2/7 c21 KentLinuxStadfelt
Yoooo the update we are waiting for! Hell yeah! Its worth the wait! Cannot wait for the next one!
2/7 c21 4dv1ct0r14m2017
*had totally bought Durandal's shit, and looks like that alieanated him from his fellow allies.

Anyways, happy 10th Anniversary of writing this fic, and hope you're safe out there.
2/7 c21 4dv1ct0r14m2017
Man, that update is awesome.

Lacus and company had made out of Earth, and Athrun
2/7 c21 10BattleshipFusou
Oh that was a fun chapter but boy did I make a poor decision to read it this late at night. Thanks anyways.
2/7 c21 Illium Cadeyrn
A good chapter as always. Can't wait for the next one and happy 10 years anniversary! I cannot believe I have been reading this for nearly a decade, it's time this gets its own TV show.
Glad to see you alright. take care
2/7 c21 6MEleeSmasher
Lovely, hope we see it soon because believe it or not, I thought this was about 9k words with how fast I took in the story.
2/5 c20 12Admiral Larsen
Talk about a huge twist with Shin being the one actually defecting while Athrun siding with ZAFT (it almost feels like a role reversal at times of the actual show although hopefully questions will develop in Athrun's mind sooner about his actions.

If Shin were to ever find out the truth about Heero and the other Gundam pilots...why do I get the feeling that he will ask Heero to help train him and enhance his skills. In turn, Heero may attempt to warn Shin off such a course, detailing the price he and the other four Gundam pilots from the AC world had to pay to be as good as they are.

While also sending in a replacement Core Splendor for the Minerva, I wonder of Durandal will also be calling in for special reinforcements now that Heero has begun to move against him and that he'll need extra assets to deal with what Heero may plan to do (two particular pilots come to mind)

Kinda ironic considering in chapter 18 that Heero asked Shin to stay close to Rey and that he and Lunamaria may be the only thing preventing Rey from falling to the darkside and becoming what he did in canon. And yet in here, Shin's actions inadvertently may play a part in Rey walking the path of Rau Le Creust.

No doubt the next chapter will have Quatre, Duo, and Trowa heading for the gates and linking up with Heero while a potential Gundam clash between Heero and Wufei seems to be inevitable. And I wonder if someone will pick up on what Heero is doing and try to find the real target due to having long experience with how Heero operates. That may give a good excuse for Kira to intervene in order to cover Lacus's escape into space as well as have his confrontation with Athrun.
1/22 c20 3RisingGundam2006
This was a really really good chapter. It was great to have Murrue and Heero back together. The Order 66 ref made me lol a bit. I wonder if Durandal is going to try to get info on Heero from Athrun or try to get a spy into the Terminal group.
11/30/2020 c20 2Nightroad816
well its been a while and good new update chapter aswell...cant wait for not just Kira escorting Lacus its seem Heero well give a hand for her in space port...im so hype for what Terminal can store for new units too when Lacus got there...

also yeah for pulling your wisdom teeth is really a pain...so take a easy dude...
11/27/2020 c20 Blaze1992
So next CH seems like a fight is gonna happen, and I hope the truth about what Zaft has and planed to do gets out soon.
11/27/2020 c20 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter glad you finally updated I noticed Kira isn’t with archangel so I’m guessing he’s at home one or terminal for security.
11/27/2020 c20 Cloves
Love the chapter. I've been think. Why not show the CE peeps of a recorsing between Heero and Zechs fight? Been re-reading season 1 lol.
11/26/2020 c20 1TheEmeraldMage
I am definitely going to love shin's whole new development of being part of the main character team the true main character team. Right out of the gate this is way better then that 1 fan fic I read where shin does betray the military he used to work with but the round about way he did it made no sense to me. It also didn't help that all it took was a character who would never ever ever ever ever kill his own sister to make me immediately go by the end I can't read this anymore and I don't like where this story went. Kira would NEVER kill Cagili! Anyway I'm not reviewing that story I'm reviewing this one and as it is again love the whole shin joining the real good guys thing. Same goes for the other wing boys already starting to do a bit of a sneakin Deception to try to get back with the main characters except for one who is Obviously most likely going to stay with Z AFT. Well that and the fact that hes gonna be banging a certain attractive redhead lol. Speaking of banging I'm not entirely sure that lan will go so far as to give up on Quarte, because really she screwed and is most likely leading him on. As it is I seriously doubt that shes gonna break up with him and pretty much go nope we're not gonna be a couple anymore and it was all just a game. That would make her be a terrible person for doing that and as for the plan of the main characters it's pretty structurally sound. Over all there was a whole lotta stuff to consider and a whole lotta things that basically went above and beyond but as it is it is pretty good. I just hope this doesn't turn into a the gundam wing boys will overshadow everybody else because their mobile suits are way stronger than everybody else's scenario. But you're doing good for the most part and as always stay healthy and safe!
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