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for The Wizard and I (On Hiatus)

5/27/2016 c10 TyrStarlight
Hello Abram, I pray you are well. I hope this story is still on hiatus and not abandoned. I love this story and your writing is simply fantastic. I hope I don't come off as bugging you. Please PM me if you would like to talk.
Peace, Love, and Blessings on you and your family,

1/3/2016 c10 jarrodtroyer
If you ever need or want to talk, look me up on Facebook. My name on there is Tyr LeStrange. I hope you stay well and things get better for you soon.

Your Fan,
12/31/2015 c9 Guest
Update soon? I NEED ONE! *Lol* I was hoping there would be another update soon after you posted on 11/23, a day after my birthday, but you have not yet. I hope you and yours are well and healthy.

11/22/2015 c8 Guest
Please update this story. I have enjoyed what's here, and I am looking forward to more.

Your faithful Reader,
11/23/2015 c6 1Nanettez
But then some kid from Gryffindor made a comment. "Oh, so the mudblood can do magic too!"
He won’t get far in that house using that word.
11/23/2015 c5 Nanettez
In her first class of the day, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Willow sat, carefully taking notes as Professor Calabrese talked. "Everyone open The Standard Book of Spells Grade 1,"
Why would they use the charms book in the defence class?
11/23/2015 c4 Nanettez
"My name is Professor Calabrese, I am the Herbology professor here at Hogwarts."
Has Neville not started at that stage?
No feast!
Mila Town is a nice simple name for a girl but I am probably too late.
11/23/2015 c2 Nanettez
She came with no money although she used some. The books are the same as Harry's first year.
11/23/2015 c1 Nanettez
I can guarantee that you will be safe.
How can her mother guarantee she will be safe? Is she a witch?
7/24/2015 c8 Guest
I am loving the story so far. Really really really really would love to have another update soon. I'm sure it seems like I'm bugging you for an update sometimes, but this story is just absolutely amazing to me so far. Sorry if I seem to annoy you.
3/3/2015 c6 OmuiYuni
I liked this chapter
2/8/2015 c1 Guest
First time story? Lots of little errors that made it difficult to read. Multiple dialogs in one paragraph, "
Suddenly, there was ..." is not a good way to introduce a new action.
I do like the basic idea of Willow fully accepting her new status so rapidly.
2/9/2015 c3 OmuiYuni
I like this so far im hoping she would neet harry and his children soon

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