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for A Woman for Kakashi

12/9/2020 c8 ManterPanter
Great chapter though I feel a little concerned for Techi. I feel like he would be happy? Since, she’s dancing with the Hokage. Great chapter though
7/1/2018 c28 hatakekakashi7
Sequel Sequel Sequel please I love it!
3/17/2018 c4 Guest
I vote Koyuki-san
2/14/2018 c28 76een nihc
Thank you for finishing the story. It was a satisfying read to the end.
10/16/2017 c28 2Kakashii Anbu
A Sequel is a must for this story. It was truly amazing. This is the first of this pairing that was portrayed well, so I hope to see more of it!
8/17/2017 c28 aisyah hanum
Please make a sequel for this, it was awsome
I really wanna see the baby kashi
7/16/2017 c28 2Hektols
Nice ending, specially the part with Spring Country becoming the reason of the tecnological development seen at the end of the original series.
7/13/2017 c28 cathyscloud9
Loved the story! Sweet ending. Thanks for writing!
7/13/2017 c28 Prescripto13
Loved the happy ending for Kakashi and Koyuki in this one! :-)
7/13/2017 c28 coolcole342
I'm sad it's over, but this was by far the best fabrication I've read. Despite English not being your first language I saw barely any mistakes. I love this story so much, and I'm glad you were able to finish it. Thank you so much for completing it despite being busy a lot. I hope you have a nice day, you're awesome.
7/9/2017 c27 DevilishlyBipolar
Honestly speaking, I did not have a lot of expectations for this story before reading. But I could never be more glad that I was compelled to read the first chapter...and then the chapter after that...and then the chapter after that...long story short, it was all I could think about the whole day after I began reading it. You captured my heart by using characters we already know about, building off on already given history for history that could have had the potential to happen, making it so much more easier to accept a woman as Kakashi's love interest. The portrayals of the whole cast are on point, the writing is magnificent, and I couldn't even complain that it was only after a long time that you wrote Kakashi's feelings about his situation, because it was that good of a reasoning. This story has made it's comfy place in my mind, and it is because of that that I will wait so eagerly for the next chapter. Thank you for the great experience so far, and I can't wait for the next addition! ;)

PS. It seems that the best authors and writers I love happen to be the ones who are the most passionate against flamers/complainers that they would write an impactful speech about it. You have my utmost respect.
6/7/2017 c27 The same fannotangryanymore
I have read few fan fictions regarding Kakashi's love and marriage life to be honest this is the best. Its like reading manga story of the series and very close to me . Take your time but pls make sure to update next chapter. I'm waiting eagerly. Thank you
6/3/2017 c27 cathyscloud9
Loved the chapter!
6/2/2017 c27 Hektols
Well, I'm not sure if the minor nations combined would be able to defeat the Ninja Alliance, the combined power of the kages, Naruto, Sasuke and Bee would make any numeric difference irrelevant.
6/2/2017 c1 Uioppoiu
Do you know Kahyo? She is a kunoichi in Kakashi hiden novel. In the game, there is a scene when he's sending her the lavender potpourri. I wonder if he has a thing for her. :D
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