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2/6 c3 3Soulless Anti-Hero
Thinking the same thing
What if Yuuki gave her a chance
7/4/2019 c1 16ZoeyCares
Hahaha... A nice first Chapter... Gonna read more tomorrow after sleep [In my coffin].
10/31/2018 c23 derpysauce
Was not a big fan of the initial temple reveal. Given the circumstances I think it went over too well and too quickly.

I'm not a big fan of your way of writing the doctor. He feels more evil and less just completely desperate.

I liked the old bait and switch you did there where you set natsuno up to prevent a staking twice only for the carpet to be pulled out from under the reader, but I'm not sure if it was the better scenario story telling wise. I think tohru dying would have given some real good character development via suffering. Natsuno failing to save someone twice would have been a great reason for natsuno being passionate about saving everyone as well as helping megumi develop as a character and start viewing the villagers in a better light.

I can't really see that much of an interesting climax at the end of this which may just be a flaw inherent to shiki without its dark ending. In my eyes the climax would probably consist of some talking a sacrificial righteous death here or there until the talking works out and after that is the pinata party where the tie tatsumi up and stake him until he spews out some motivation. He could just be a dick, but I don't see why he would need to follow up until then rather than just fucking off to some other village and having fun.
10/30/2018 c9 derpysauce
Writing is much more enjoyable. There are some spelling errors here and there. My favorites being in chapter 2 iirc it said "suck a cool mansion" and in like 8 it said raped instead of wrapped haha. Not an issue just funny.

Admittadly I'm hopeful for Nao to show up later on as episode 20.5 was the main reason I checked out shiki fanfics. I just wanted a happy ending haha.

Writing wise the stories way more solid. Natsuno is a bit out of character ish? But its been a while since I saw the show and he was a weird character iirc. So its completely fair.

I think so far you might be going a bit too wide in characters. I didn't really care about masao in the show, nor do I really care about him here. But thats just my bias. Unbiased I worry you are not dealing with the right characters. Given your focus on Sunako it may be more appropriate to give time to Chizeru and co.
9/2/2018 c1 3zXiA
Veri n1c3q31st0rit4
10/19/2017 c23 Phantom
An amazing story. hope to see something like this again or you could just continue this.
10/4/2017 c23 Red
This was a pretty good story honestly I just wish you would finish it. I do have to say I was slightly disappointed that Kaori her brother didn't show up but aside from that it wasn't that bad (You did a good job portraying the doctor).
2/26/2017 c23 BlueFlame27
Wow this AU is extremely good. I can't believe all these changes happened just because Natsuno was with Megumi, that's amazing! I really hope you decide to continue this :)
2/5/2017 c23 no user
I can't belive it. Your Story is so damn cool! And it's a great help to learn English a bit better. Therefore ... please write further.
12/31/2016 c11 RFA 529
It's nice, you know? You didn't make Megumi a brat, and decided to delve a little into the human side of her personality.
4/11/2016 c1 Fipax Alexic
Natsuno saw Tatsumi and Seishirou on the doors. Megumi and Natsuno did not know their names. When he invited them in mansion,Natsuno said "No,we are busy today..." ,but Megumi said "Haaah...hehehe...funny Natsuno it is Sunday and we are not busy!". Natsuno puted his hand on her mouth and said "She does not know anything...she just fell and she has traum..hehe..." he was nervous and a bit mad. Megumi started breathing more harder. Natsuno puted hand on her nose to! Natsuno said "S-Sorry Shimizu...". Megumi had a bit angry face and she said "Never stop my breathing again!". Natsuno laughed,and Megumi with him too,they started laughing with no reason! In that moment Tatsumi said "What a strangers and loosers..." with devilish smile. Seishirou looked at Natsuno pretty creepy...but Natsuno ignored that! Tatsumi looked at window of mansion and there were a young girl and a woman. Tatsumi and Seishirou walked in. Natsuno saw that Megumi hurted her leg pretty much so he holded her. Megumi started blushing and she asked what time is said "2:30 PM". Megumi was pretty relaxed when she was holded by Natsuno,she felt as she is gonna loose her self of excite. In the moment ,Natsuno get a call by his and Natsuno get scared and Natsuno dropped Megumi in the water but he did not mean to. Megumi s clothes was all wet. Natsuno saw Megumi s underwear through the dress and his face turned red and he was nervous. Megumi asked him what is wrong but he said it was nothing. Natsuno taked Megumi to his house. He gave his shirt to Megumi. Her clothes and underwear were all wet. Natsuno puted her clothes and underwear on the window to wipe them. Megumi was a bit shy. When Natsuno noticed silence look on her face he asked what is wrong and she said "Thank you so much!".Megumi looked beautiful as never before. Natsuno sited next to her on his bed. They looked at each other. They blushed. At the moment Natsuno layed on Megumi and started kissing her. Natsuno started taking off the shirt from her but in that moment Toru and Natsuno s father came in room and saw them. It looked as Natsuno was gonna rape Megumi. they were suprised and confused.

3/9/2016 c23 Thay-Guy
This is a great story. Keep up the awesome work.
3/2/2016 c23 meow
Chapter 23 had come! Yay~~~ where is Megumi ?... SeishinXSunako please ~~~
3/2/2016 c23 7Sentaifan101
Things just got real.
3/2/2016 c23 9FablePsycho
Oh snap...it's happening, oh god it's going to happen. Great chapter, but I have a feeling a blood bath is coming real soon.
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