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7/17/2015 c9 45Salt-the-Catgirl
Ok, I know you told me to get out of your head before, but this is downright freaky. I kid you not, I've been debating a Tohru side version of Unrequited where Tohru was aware of the events that happened at his funeral, but didn't know why or how... Aaaannd then I read THIS. Too much, Omni, too much. Maybe it's you wwho's invaded my head? _*

Loving the story so far, though.
7/14/2015 c17 mark3554
Good Chapter. I had 1 issue that hindered me from enjoying the chapter to it's fullest.

1 Word: I, - See? It's not i, but I. Just a minor issue nothing big.
7/12/2015 c16 6Sachigo
Oh my gosh there they are!
The vampires! Will Nao be with them or no?
Great chapter as always!
7/3/2015 c16 4Medea Lugosi
Funny, how Masao ended up taking Nao's place. I never liked him as he is such a drama queen, but I have to admit that he is a very realistic and well-designed character. Still, this chapter made me want to shiver.
And Megumi does indeed have a nice figure ...
With that said, thank you for updating! Keep writing, brave soldier ... ;-)
7/1/2015 c16 mark3554
Hmm, I suppose it was a bit short, but overall a good chapter.

Bad part(s)
- The dialogue between Megumi x Natsuno X Matsuo was pretty awkward and slightly OOC (just my opinion)

Good part(s)
- The story is turning pretty "intense" (which is a good thing, the slow pacing was killing me D: ).
- You make me want to come back everyday to check for new updates, and if you ever decide to discontinue your story I will find you, and I will kill you (see what I did there?)
6/26/2015 c15 Medea Lugosi
Hi there! This is a beautiful piece of writing - getting better with every chapter. Who will live? And who will die? I have to wonder ... I do feel sorry for Tohru though. Somehow, things seem to always turn out badly when he's concernd. At least he isn't dead quite yet, and he actually confessed to Ritsuko (who is such a nice girl, by the way).
Also, I like Natsuno's personality. Just like you told me, he's a lot less of an inconsiderate prick than in the anime and while that is, in fact, somewhat out of character, I don't really mind. You explained his motivation to stop ignoring Megumi in the first chapter rather well and changed the original plot nicely without altering it completely.
Have a cookie and get back to writing the next chapter. ;-)
6/24/2015 c15 ilovepancakes666
I see where this is going... The tension between Megumi and Tohru is real. Anyway, keep up the good work
6/21/2015 c15 6Sachigo
Aww Tohru's impending doom is coming.
I feel bad because he finally confessed to Ritsuko.
Oh well.
Great chapter as always!
6/21/2015 c15 6Twitchel
Another good. chapter friend can't wait to see whats next.
6/16/2015 c14 Logan Gassman
What this needs is a comic relief duo of characters, similar to Bulk and Skull from "Power Rangers".
6/17/2015 c14 ilovepancakes666
It's been a long time since I've reviewed, or even read this fanfic for that matter. I was pretty busy with school. Anyway, keep up the good work, there's a lot more action in the latest chapters. I'll check the other fanfic you're writing too
6/15/2015 c14 Twitchel
Another good chapter my friend. All in all still improving which is good it is always good to see authors, chefs and musicians improve as they work and age. A few typos here and there are the only problems I see. Typos being some of the most annoying errors because for something so small they are difficult to find because our brains read something and immediately assume everything is how it should be. Other than that. Keep in mind what I said about meals and the like and the comparison to stories.
6/15/2015 c14 6Sachigo
This is becoming so good! I'm sure Kyoko is going to die, yes?
Oh man! Can't wait for the upcoming chapters! I'm sure they'll be splendid!
6/9/2015 c10 Logan Gassman
That last scene proves how much Masao is more of a worthy Main Antagonist. He reminds me of The Joker from Batman, He's an outright monster. And he's also like Michael Myers from "Halloween", out to kill his own family, without regret.
6/6/2015 c13 Sachigo
Oh my gosh!
Megumi has seen them as well! DUN DUN DUN!
Still a great story I'm looking forward to seeing how it all ends.
I'm curious though. Is Seishin going to become an Okiyagari like in the anime?

Once again, great chapter!
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