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7/18 c4 2lkdaswani
please please please update this. This was getting so interesting and I would love to see it develop further.
6/3 c4 Vansmoke
that killed the mood, damn. i can do with yuri, but slash is no go for me. i can accept gay when seeing them, or probably just ignore them. but when reading or keep watching it, sorry, just can't stand it.
6/2 c4 That2-one3-girl4
You should definitely continue this fic. Post the rest of it or at least update it. It's a pretty good story. But you haven't updated this fic in SO LONG. please post more soon!
5/29 c2 1embrewing
two servents beaten half to death and three rapes is ridiculous jofrey's entire story is about how power corrupts and lack of any parenting/diciplinarians will fuck someone up even worse, sure genetics has a lot to do with it and he is a total arsehole but him raping 3 people at this age is just stupid writing.
3/6 c4 Meganrae1234
Have you abandoned this story or do you plan to continue?
2/27 c4 Crazygir1l01
Nooooooooo! Not stop there! It’s so good! Please please please PLEASE come back to this and continue this amazing story!
2/12 c4 Guest
Please continue! Since Margerys own brother (and future Husband in G.o.T.) is gay I don't actually see there being a problem. A Blood-adoption would get him his heirs either which way. A fake wife who does in fake childbirth would also secure his heir, unless he can have his own children.

I personally believe that idiot Robb needs a wife like Margery. Sure it's cold in the North and what not but she is a smart girl who could find things for the Northerns to become more successful.
1/20 c4 Guest
you definitely are a great author. hahahahahaaaa
11/25/2019 c4 7TashaLee2476
I hope you start to add more chapters soon.
9/30/2019 c4 Veronica
Wonderful tale. I've enjoyed Harry's POV and the changes he is implementing in Harrenhall. As well as his interactions with Jon and Tyrion! I liked the friendship developing between the three men quite enough. I also liked your Harry being gay. I love slash and always find reading about male couples in Westeros interesting. Just Renly and Loras is boring! :P It's a shame this story is a WIP. Hopefully you'll continue it on someday? I will love it, whatever the case could to be. So, thank you for writing and posting this fic. Take care and have a good week!
9/15/2019 c4 Nomura581
Hun, I just discovered this fic and I literally screamed no when I noticed it's just 4 chapters and that u haven't updated for 5 years. Pls, be alive. Pls update soon T~T
8/16/2019 c4 1Skywroe
Oh maaasn, this is so compelling! I wish there was more.
Will you be updating?
7/20/2019 c4 1RuebyRose
This was so much fun! I'm loving the changes that Harry is bringing to Westeros. I also really liked how he interacts with Olenna and Margery Tyrell. I think that this will be so much fun!
7/20/2019 c2 RuebyRose
There is so much tasty goodness in this chapter that it made me squee out loud. 333
7/20/2019 c1 RuebyRose
Holy moly, this is awesome! I'm loving his relationships with Arya, Jon, and Ned Stark.
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