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for Harry Potter and the Seven Kingdoms

2/10/2015 c1 The Shadows Mistress
Really enjoying the story, looking forward to more!
2/10/2015 c1 Guest
I love this easy going, powerful MOD harry. Please keep it going!
2/10/2015 c1 Ddragon21
awesome harry is cool. would be even better if he had a magical animagus form to travel around with or be unnoticed in the wild or for a quick get away.
2/10/2015 c1 Guest
I like it, cant wait for more!
2/10/2015 c1 Santa1
i liked the story :D

i am looking forward to what comes next.
2/10/2015 c1 Shameful-Lurker
Very nice so far, can't wait for more!
2/10/2015 c1 Guest
I like it i want to see Harry go south with Ned to Kingslanding.
2/10/2015 c1 326355757287
I really like it :).
2/10/2015 c1 Guest
Very good plz update
2/10/2015 c1 23Shiyaki
This is an interesting start :) I'm looking forward to seeing which effect Harry's presence will have on all those plots. Just one question. Is this going to be slash or gen? I don't mind either, but I'm curious.
2/10/2015 c1 Guest
amazing story!
2/10/2015 c1 1keroblade
This story is bloody amazing! And you've already finished 7 chapters?! Awesome! I almost wish you'd post the next chapter early, I can't wait a week! lol
2/10/2015 c1 Pop
More please.

Perhaps you can have more conversation between characters but otherwise good story.

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