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5/24 c1 ramul
9/29/2018 c1 Guest
Grammar please fix it I'm having so many aneurysms
9/16/2018 c1 sonic
I liked the chapter!1
7/15/2016 c1 Guest
hope you continue this and make it a proper story!
5/8/2016 c1 templememple
That is why this is a Campione cross :D
4/16/2016 c1 Akuma-Heika
I hope you write this out as a fic. If someone else adopts the idea please tell us!
1/17/2016 c1 Random Reviewer
The sheer ignorance of what it takes to even hurt an Endbringer being displayed in this story physically pains me. A pipe? Really? That wouldn't be enough to hurt even the outer most layer of an Endbringer, much less destroy the core at it's center (which still wasn't even exposed!).

The story, even as a one shot, fails utterly for completely ignoring the the fact that the Leviathan wouldn't have even noticed such a pitiful attack, much less get killed by it. That's not even getting into the fact that the Leviathan was, and always had been, jobbing the hell out of all of its fights meaning it could have easily escalated to a point no one could match it. It's not manton limited after all, which means it could have just caused all the water in peoples bodies to explode out of them. Taylor wouldn't have been immune to that.
1/18/2016 c1 Magni Imitator
You need to fix a lo of spelling and grammar mistakes.
9/26/2015 c1 1Bobboky
very good work
9/19/2015 c1 AGuestPerson
So, who want more of this?
*raise hand*
7/24/2015 c1 2Sir Cookie
I like it. It's very good. Hope for more and also propfread next bro. You tend to confise tenses like using present or past tenses in the wrong time thing. You should get that checked out. Right after i finish this i am going to check when this was published to see how likely a next chapter is. If you need a beta i would be willing to help you out. Blush doki doki.
5/12/2015 c1 1Harpy81
Please make this a full story
4/29/2015 c1 Bluesnowman
Very interested to see where you go with this.
3/23/2015 c1 7moon so bright
Cool concept - you might want to get a beta, though.
3/16/2015 c1 Gustavius3
Very cool, rather damaged though by tense, typo and grammar issues.
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