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4/29 c4 20webmaster02
he has shaper powers an extra core and extreme multitasking capabilities so make a body that can blend in to human society
2/19 c2 Angry-Sama
Never understood being given a new body and bring unable to control it or their powers. Such things should be as natural as breathing when they were human. Also powers, auto download of how to do them especially since the character has become an Endbringer.
6/20/2021 c2 1Episoidal
I would avoid using stream of consciousness in writing fiction. It doesn't advance the plot nor does it contribute in any way thematically. It's literal useless filler of empty thoughts.
12/25/2020 c4 Dasgun
6/9/2020 c4 Guest
Isn't the Simurgh like the guiding intelligence that commands her brethen? Like the head program that controls all Endbringers. Which is why she has the most vonnection to Eidolon, the inadvertent dummoner and why she is designed to see both the future and past which lets her decide the best course of action. Either way I feel like it would be better to get rid of the hyper-intelligent future seeing, tinker building, madness inducing telekinetic and worry after about how bad things can get. No other endbringer is quite as diabolical as she is.
6/1/2020 c4 ice cream of the gods
Why'd you abandon this one?
10/19/2019 c2 Guest
Idiots trying to be 'smart' and nerfing themself in CYOA are really overused and are also ironicly more boring.
5/14/2019 c4 MattKennedy
Very cool start to an insert. :) Hope you continue it sometime!
3/26/2019 c1 gremlin914
Very interesting perspective for the set up.
9/21/2018 c1 Redripper666
its was the worthy op thing this kept me form getting in to this story with how many enemy's there are already it just comes off as massive over kill
9/20/2018 c2 evo123457
omfg all of this speculating while doing nothing at ALL
7/31/2018 c4 1dreaddragonknight
An interesting chapter
7/30/2018 c1 dreaddragonknight
Can u recommend any Worm CYOA fics? This is one of the very few that i’ve Found
6/23/2018 c4 sonic
I liked the chapter!
6/12/2018 c4 1TTGG03
This is an interesting story. When will you update?
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