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for How to Get a College Education in High School

2/25/2015 c2 lovefanfics
Wow! That was hot. Can't wait to read more. Loving this story
2/19/2015 c2 Angelatil
Wow that was hot! Can't wait till they go all the way ;)

I liked this shot too, I am honestly liking this story and just keep wondering what will happen next for them.
2/19/2015 c2 16K8Malloy
This is brilliant. Now, if I may, I 'd love to see Burt interact with Blaine - maybe wanting to not like him, but finding himself charmed nonetheless.
2/11/2015 c1 Angelatil
Ooooh I like this story. I know this was probably meant only as a one shot, but I would totally love to read more of this story. What happens next, if Kurt sees Blaine again, anything else occurring? :)

Great story!
2/11/2015 c1 MrsNessa91
this could be perfect beginning for a good story. are you thinking about it? i hope so;)
2/11/2015 c1 23Rori Potter

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