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for Second Wind

4/26 c60 yrlastin
Why didn't they end Moria?
4/12 c70 Webnover
In One Piece with Wood Style 18. As a template for your next story.
4/12 c70 12Lady Logos
Would be nice to know about your original works someday, you're an amazing writer and it's a shame you won't continue this. I wish you all the best!
4/4 c30 1frostbittenk9
The avenger's reference was pretty obvious, but the Ruroni Kenshin one was very appreciated.
3/29 c6 Guest
Quote: "Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece. I do have a laptop though. It helps me ... shit."
3/25 c70 Guest
This was an amazing story, thank you for putting this out there and spending so much time on it. I will always treasure it. And always take care of yourself first, hope you're doing well! Thank you again for this amazing journey :D
3/13 c27 5bella my love
Very interesting fic
3/11 c10 Lianna
Obviously, the line at the end is from right after Luffy defeated Usopp in Water 7, duh
3/7 c1 Anonymous
2/28 c70 KimberlyJho-ann
still love you
2/14 c49 Swarma
sanji saying he won't be a liability when he already is with his refusal to treat women as equal combatants
1/26 c47 CodeBeholder
First off, I call serious BS that none of them would want a powerful logia, hell Usopp could use it to snipe. At the very least they very much do know someone willing to pay that they would actually give it to, Whitebeard.
1/21 c52 yeahno
... so... they are stronger now then they are in than the anime, but they lost far worse... ok. makes perfect sense.
1/2 c70 KyoshiYamato
The fanfic was well written, Author-san. This is one of the best One Piece fanfictions I've read so far, and I'm also thrilled by the upcoming war at Marineford, but too bad you discontinued it.
I recommend reading this and it was worth it.ᴗ•)
1/2 c46 yrlastin
Too bad Enel didn't finish off Teach!
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