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2/23 c70 Yeetumus prime
It was fun while it lasted but all good things must come to an end, and at least you left off on a bit of a high note !
2/23 c70 g77471164
Maybe you could post how you planned to end it, simply the plot, if you have it with you still/remember. It was a fun ride. Thank you very much. May you attain success in your endeavours.
2/19 c70 CallmeCrazylol
Although I am sad to hear this amazing story be discontinued I wish you luck with your job and your original stories.
2/16 c70 king56
this hurt but I can't say I dont understand.
2/12 c56 12Lady Logos
it's actually strange that Luffy and Zoro mention just Brock when Jinbei also joins as a helsman later on
2/10 c70 26Darth rebellion
May I continue this story with your blessing
2/10 c70 Brawler883
Would you consider putting the story up for adoption? Giving somebody whatever rough outline you had planned out and letting them start writing where you left off?
2/10 c70 GstAffici79
Thank you so much for the journey. It’s sad to see such a fantastic fanfic discontinued, but it’s very understandable. I hope you continue to look back fondly on this work and that your future ones are as inspired!
2/9 c70 5Shaydrall
Thanks for writing what you did, it was fun to read. Good luck with everything!
2/9 c70 Kazarus
Thank you lost for the time and dedication you put into this amazing fanfic.
You're work is astounding and got me as hyped as watching the original story unfold.
Good luck with everything you persue in your life.
2/8 c70 Halfrican18
Wow its really been 2 years since the hiatus, Glad you found something else to enjoy in life, who knows what the future holds. I'll keep the notification on, I wish you the best, thanks for the amazing story.
2/7 c70 15Vanessa Masters
I hear yah, thanks for this awesome fic for as long as it went.
2/5 c70 Guest
2/4 c70 Commentor
Welp, a shame that this story is discontinued but it is for the better on your side, wish you all the lucks in your endeavor, you are a great writer and now you can truly be called TheLostSamurai here o7
2/6 c70 MorningStarBroken
Glad to hear you have your life sorted out, and I hope you have good times ahead. But I have to ask, do you mind if your stories are adopted?
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