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for Second Wind

2/4 c70 Dude
And here I was looking forward to Laws plan :/
2/6 c70 2Get The Chillz
Hate to see another one go, but it was a great story. On the last chapter you semi-wrote you said you would be willing to post a timeline of future events and maybe put the story up for adoption. Would you still be willing to do that? I'm sure me and many others would love to see what you had in mind and maybe leave it to another talented author should one take an interest.
2/3 c70 M
What a shame, but I cannot say I am surprised. However, I will always love this story, and I appreciate a final goodbye! I wish you the best of luck in your life!
2/3 c70 Paradox
Well nice to get some closure here as well it's been years since I found this my dive for all things Onepiece after having binged the anime up to the pre timeskip break all those years ago.
I've enjoyed this story immensely and wish you well in your endeavors.
2/5 c70 r1tz
2/5 c70 r1tz
mother f been waiting for so long never posted a review but read em all. fucccckkkk. another one lost fucing another one. daaaammmiitttt allll.
my guy it was an absolute adventure reading this and it was fucking stimulating it was a ride that I enjoy and loved a lot my guy I hope that you have a good life ahead off you. keep up the original that you right. FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK. IM SORRY just waited for damn long time... and it fucking sad too see another better than a lot writers go and leave thisss
2/5 c70 11Cynthia of the Wallflowers
This was super fun to read while it lasted! Thank you for sharing it with us! I hope you're doing well in whatever you're doing nowadays!
2/4 c70 wjluquer
I have to thank you for everything, I sadly started immersing myself in the world of fanfiction shortly before this story was put into hiatus. This was the story that once hooked me into this world, and, like you said, I've found stories that moved me and made me feel such strong emotions as if I was living the moments that were being narrated.

I have to say, this story was, and, until I find one that bests it, will continue to be my top one. It was such a roller coaster of emotions, and to see it all end like this, makes me a tad sad, as this is the first ever story that I've re-read so many times I can't count, to see it go in such a way is saddening. But I understand that your life is first, and I wish you all the luck in the world in your future plans. I sincerely hope for a timeline of sorts that describes what the plot of the story was going to be at its climax. perhaps put it up for adoption? I bet there are ingenious writers out there who would love to continue the story.

And if nothing ever happens, that'll be okay too, I, we, understand.

It was nice while it lasted, I guess. I'll never forget this story anytime soon, I'll assure you.

And at last, Lost out!
2/2 c70 Hank Jones
Honestly I just assumed it was dead. You should've just left it alone. Only seeing an update got me thinking it may be active again, so thanks for the fake out dickhead.
2/4 c70 2EnsanityFanatic
While I am disappointed to see this story come to its premature conclusion, it's still very much understandable why it has to come to an end. But even so, the joys that it has brought me and so many other readers out there cannot be quantified. So thank you, Lost, for creating this brilliant work. I wish you good luck on your future endeavours.
2/4 c70 marmotul
It was a great story, could you perhaps have anyone interested in continuing writting this?
2/4 c70 Drakolf
Ah well, such is life. Thank you for informing us that you’re moving on. Though I’d like to ask that you leave the stories up or allow someone with an active account to repost them I. The event another wants to reread them.
2/4 c70 nartpro10
well it was a good journey while it lasted. Thank u for posting such an amazing story and i wish u luck in life. (though if possible do link ur original projects if possible, thanks.)
2/4 c70 Jon 'Fatjon' Umber
awwwww. well can't do anything but express my gratitude for this story. thank you. this story is amazing. thank you for writing it. !
2/4 c70 7kclinda
I wish you all the best! It's a new chapter in your life, enjoy the process
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