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for Second Wind

2/3 c70 Yoinkur
Hey, glad to hear you're okay! Thank you so much for the read over the years, it was really enjoyable! If you ever decide to publish your own original works, give me a shout out and I'd love to read it! All the best to you and yours!
2/3 c70 8Johnny Spectre
Considering the flips the manga has taken, it's probably for the best
2/3 c70 graor
I wish you all the luck in your venture into independent writing, if this is any indication, you are pretty good at it!
2/3 c70 2Cypher Script
o7 its sad to hear but i hope your life turns out worthwhile. thanks for the excellent work youve done.
2/3 c70 11Lucynda-Raciak
That's a shame but I get you I also have a full time job now and can rarely write. Hope you have a good life just please you still watch/read One Piece. For me at least it's a way to jump back to my childhood even for a short while
2/3 c70 5hellhound-d.o.w
It's always a sad thing to see an author on here leaving for whatever reason, especially when it is one that writes stories very well. I wish you well in your endeavors.
2/3 c70 lexus4444
Wish you the best with whatever venture you partake in.
Good luck.
2/3 c1 Breakerp16
Well, I enjoyed your story while it lasted. I wish you the best and if you feel like sharing your original fiction, I for one, would gladly read it.

While this felt like a kick in the gut, I appreciate you taking time to write this final author's note.
2/3 c70 1elshotafriky
so you go huh, well not everything can last.
I sincerely hope you find happiness my friend and thanks for the story.

P.S. I salute you for retiring from fanfiction in general and making a good life in real life, I hope it goes well for you and all of us who follow this story.
2/3 c70 2TheGimbler
A shame, but I've pretty much expected this because I know all about not updating things after years despite wanting to. This story was pretty fun, take pride!
2/3 c70 TerrisH
Sad to hear it, but somewhat expected and wish you the best in your original writings.
Would you be willing to produce a final outline into where you expected to go? Basically any notes you had?
2/3 c70 PsiOmicron
Thanks for read
2/3 c70 4theguyinblue
Take care lost. I do hope you would atleast give us one last update on how the story suppose to end. you know a summary would really be great.
2/3 c70 3Sekirou
The update of this story brought back memories. It's a shame that it's discontinued, but life happens! Glad to know that you're doing well, and have even started original works. Thank you for all that you've done for us readers, and I wish you the best of luck!
2/3 c70 Tarelectro
If you’re into original story writing, could you do a prequel to “mercy”
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