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for Even Hikigaya Hachiman can write a Love Letter

6/19 c11 MALT T
Tbh even tho its been ages and this will never probably be updated, this chapter serves as a good ending on what ship sailed
4/24 c11 Warlord2303
5 years, it's been 5 years
3/22 c11 Guest
only one chapter please
3/2 c2 Come To Christ
12/8/2022 c1 1Kiryuu08
Shit, this was good. Not too cringe. Still 8man.
12/3/2022 c11 1valkrus
I'm guessing you abandon this? I mean I saw you are still active with writing so put up an announcement or something will ya
8/29/2022 c6 1.6180339887498948482045868
perhaps this started off as a comedy, but this better qualifies as a drama. too much angst. I really don't see Hikigaya destroying her hard work like that. Like ok, he broke her heart, but shattering her chocolate on the floor is just too much of a dick move. I don't see him being this brutal to yuigahama.
7/19/2022 c6 Guest
Several years late I know. But I gotta say what he to yui did ending the chapter is disgusting at least, 8man here in this particular situation deserves hell.
6/2/2022 c11 98MexicanJaeger
Well that was good enough to let go of the other thing I suggested, quite annoying that you cucked us at the very last moment though.
6/2/2022 c10 8MexicanJaeger
Well, shit. You made a great Hayama. Now that I think about it, my last review doesn’t even make sense. This thing was abandoned. But shame, it had potential to be a non NTR angsty Hayayuki with Hachiman taking other route.
6/2/2022 c9 8MexicanJaeger
What a shame. My guilty pleasures are angsty HayaYuki fics in which Hachiman bounces from the pain, however rare they are.

You were doing masterfully, Yuigahama’s cruel rejection was great buildup to Hachiman’s heartbreak, but the Iroha slap tells me I won’t get the ending I want to read.
For once, I don’t want this to end HachiYuki
6/2/2022 c6 8MexicanJaeger
Fuckinr finally, direct, cold rejection of Yuigahama. Loved it.
4/26/2022 c4 8MexicanJaeger
I hate Yuigahama so fucking much, not only because I’m a Yukifag. Her character annoys me in canon, in fanfic, in my own craft.
3/27/2022 c11 JustARandomFanInEarth
I demand for the next chapter (ಥ﹏ಥ) pls?
2/4/2022 c11 Ytrio
This fic started so well but ended so badly...
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