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for 15 Signs You're Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

9/29/2015 c1 9ferguson97

I normally am not a fan of Gwuncan, but this was ultra-sweet!

The "number list" fan fics are an interesting concept, and I've only seen a handful.

Each little number (Idk what to call it, lol) was #7. Duncan trying to stand up for her and Gwen punching him in the face was both funny and adorable.

I did start to read "This Is Why We Fight", but something unexpected came up, so I had to switch to a shorter story. But don't worry, I promise to read it soon!

I really liked this story, it was nice! You made me temporarily enjoy a couple I dislike. So good job!
9/28/2015 c1 4MaddieLovesFOB
Wow. This piece was just fabulously written and I enjoyed it through and through. One piece of advice I'd give you is to bold each sigh/number. I found myself getting a bit lost in the writing and not knowing which number was on. It also didn't help that I was watching RR at the same time, but oh well. Anyway, great job, and I hope to read more of your one-shots more.

Sorry for not doing one of your longer stories, I ran out of time. I can't really write 21 reviews in 2 days, but that's my fault :/

9/27/2015 c1 Bombyyyx
I'm reviewing this for Read and Swap, and I'm so sorry I'm not going to review CtS or TIWWF, 'cause I just don't have the drive to read such long Duncney fics, I'm so sorry. Feel free to review my shortest fic when it's my round as payback. :V

So this was really, /really/ adorable. I know you're probably so used to writing Duncney, but you totally nailed writing Gwuncan. It was a nice touch to have, like, actually fifteen signs that showed how Duncan was really falling for his best friend. It was a wonderful way to introduce each segment of the story. Even though Duncan's the main character, you've totally captured both his and Gwen's characters to a T.

I think I kinda squealed when I got to the end and when Duncan read the text he drunkenly sent. I mean, it totally explains why Gwen cuts herself off when she explains to him what happened after he got shitfaced drunk. And then Duncan's respond ahdnggsgfhjklhfs I love it!

I think I love Gwuncan a bit more 'cause of this fic. Happy Read and Swap!
5/4/2015 c1 WIWAP
I can't believe I forgot to read this :l

I LOVE IT! :D Great work.

-Wish I Was A Pirate
3/16/2015 c1 Lazybones
OMG this was so cute! I loved it, great job!
2/27/2015 c1 Mughees
I don't know why but I rather love these fictions where you countdown moments of the couple because they're a nice change over the usual fanfictions. I think that you should've added some names when you were talking about Gwen punching guys, Cody being a good example. I love the fact that you referenced how Duncan and Gwen both loved horror video games.

You may be shouldn't have actually said that Gwen was peeing because it's pretty easy for anyone to hear that noise and I'm pretty sure that Duncan would have noticed, but it's still a nice shock nevertheless. I don't quite agree with the whole Gwen having Duncan as her only friend thing, because that sounds a little cheesy and it could have been something like Leshawna was busy with Heather or something instead, maybe?

I don't quite understand why Gwen is being such a hypocrite here though, I mean why does she constantly whine to Duncan about her problems but ends up dating Trent instead, I mean it's still quite a mystery here. I guess that Duncan wants hard to get girls considering the fact that that's the way Courtney was, and the whole punching the nose thing.

I loved how you actually made Gwen do something for Duncan for once, the whole her caring for drunk Duncan thing sounds cute. Maybe you could've added some fight between Duncan and his dad, over Gwen but he stands up for himself and his mom supports him? That could've been a nice start to the relationship.

Nice idea to make Gwen the consoling one for Duncan when he wasn't paying attention to his little sister but I don't understand what was he carrying in the bags when he was looking at her again? The ending was absolutely fabulous though, it felt really in character because that was probably the way that Duncan was going to end up accidentally (or maybe not ;) ) end up admitting his love for Gwen.
2/19/2015 c1 10LittleMissyGalPal
This was amazing, Chloe. Everyone was in character and I loved all the Gwuncan interactions. I love the way you write their friendship and the fact that Duncan wishes for something more, and just ugh. Duncan's drunk text was adorable, and I just loved this one-shot altogether.

Like Duncney, you're just as great as writing Gwuncan.
2/19/2015 c1 10JojiMC
This was just amazing. It's like you told the plot of a whole novel in a one-shot. This was sweet, sad, bittersweet, hilarious, and most of all, ridiculously in-character. I especially loved the first text conversation and Sign 3, those felt exactly like how Gwen and Duncan teased each other in canon.
2/15/2015 c1 The FanFiction Panda
I love it. It's just... so Amazing
2/15/2015 c1 14Hugh Takinamee
Wow, oh wow! Never would I read something as good as this, especially Gwuncan, from a Duncney writer! I'm sure that George will like this, if he's read it yet.

Hell funny though. "...You're talking to me on the fucking toilet?!" LOL

Great job, Chloe!
2/14/2015 c1 Guest
You've gone to the dark side the gwuncan side.
2/14/2015 c1 13Glowing Insanity
Haha wow XD this was really good and really funny at times
2/14/2015 c1 18ChrisMcLean-Cody-Duncan-TD
This was awesome! I couldn't have loved it more. It was so awesome. I'm nearly crying with happiness.
2/14/2015 c1 32Applauze
This was so sweet. I was listening to "Stay Here Forever" by Jewel and the romantic feelings just overcame me. This was awesome and I enjoyed it. This is really good Chloe and I know that George will love this.


P.S: Happy Valentine's Day!
2/14/2015 c1 The Abysswalker
This was amazing! I can relate to Duncan about his family bugging him about dating. My family always teases me about why I never had a girlfriend yet.
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