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for The Illusionist's Twin, Mest

2/21/2015 c2 10KiraLoveless
Sigh... If only I was drowned in food. I'd have no regrets. Don't you feel like that too, or is that just me? I think it's just me. I'm weird like that. Ugh, now I'm craving for ice cream. I blame you for this.
2/14/2015 c1 KiraLoveless
Mwuahahahahaha I'm the first to review! This story's very interesting. I'm not sure if I've ever read one like this, so I really hope you update soon! Until then, I shall continue to sit on my bed with a bucket of vanilla ice cream as I wait. Update soon!
2/14/2015 c1 3Step1324
This is getting interesting I can't wait for the next chapter! Also, am I the first one to comment? If so, YAY, I'm the first one to comment!

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