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for The Cold Silent Night

5/21/2019 c15 5zeKaien
hi! hoping that you still have plans to finish this. they deserve a happy ending
4/20/2019 c9 2xkurakurax
i’m curious, why don’t they just find different jobs if the stepdad is such a problem? they don’t need that kinda negativity in their life, and i can’t see how kanda’s mom can be with a person like that. he’s also breaking the law by being prejudice and it’s not allowed, i don’t think. he can be fired by higher management, like the location manager. he’s honestly kinda pissing me off and one phone call would wipe all the troubles away~
5/9/2018 c15 4marmag1
Allen doesn't have Innocence's arm?

Oh! And I love your story!
2/9/2018 c15 HappyDragneel1DHHS
This story is really good. I hope to read more soon :)xxx
6/21/2017 c15 5Nella Moonblood Royalle
Seriously...tis story makes u love Yullen even more than u oredy do x) im so excited for moarrrr
Ur writing iz da bomb! Freaking love it! Globers
I literally binge from chapter 5/6 hahhaa YASSSS my dream came true ;) ganbatte née author-sama hope u r doing well irl! Long love Yullen!
10/27/2016 c15 1xAmeHanax
I'm so glad you updated... this chapter was the best yet! I'm so happy they are finally on the same page! Ugh I cannot wait for more!
10/25/2016 c15 dlt-acct-pls
I read this all in one go and I absolutely loved it!
10/24/2016 c15 Shadow Spears
OH MY LIMENESS! THAT WAS HOT, SO BEAUTIFUL, SO PASSIONATE! I'm going to die from loss of blood in my head, so while i go recover, update soon -holds a thumbs up while nose is bleeding-
10/24/2016 c15 13Panda Master X
Oh, my sweet baby Allen~ you finally got what you deserve! A hot steamy man named Yuu Kanda~! XD hahahahha

I'm thinking that Allen is over thinking the text from Cross. He's so scarred that he automatically assumes its the worst of the worst. Hopefully nothing bad will happen though. That's for you, author san, to decide. XD
10/24/2016 c15 12XavierForest
Thank you for the update!
10/23/2016 c15 Kyattogaaru
Oh yeeeeees. It was reallyyy good chapter. I love it. Very much. And I think that Allen likes getting mauled by Kanda *insert lenny here*. We all love it. And what that message from Cross could mean? I want to knoooow. Please update soon!
10/23/2016 c15 4hisuiryuu
Hot, sexy, romantic Kanda! Definitely worth the wait! So happy for Allen :)
4/29/2016 c14 1xAmeHanax
This chapter, omfg! Kanda needs to go beat up cross now... I literally was hanging on every word... I loved this. Can't wait for more!
4/25/2016 c14 Shadow Spears
Omg! They said I love yous! Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg! TEARS FOR LIFE! UPDATE SOON!
4/25/2016 c14 Kyattogaaru
I'm dying from emotions. I love you and im waiting!
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