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11/28/2020 c1 20Amanda3271
If only the troubles on the show had actually ended the way that you had them end here...then that would be simple to watch...but I will always have a mix of emotions regarding the way the troubles actually ended on the show. I know Audrey was always supposed to go back into the barn and leave the man that she loves in order to end the troubles...that's right...leave the man that she loves not kill the man she loves...I think Agent Howard lied to both Lucy and Audrey on that front. But then again...there always did seem like there was something untrustworthy about him how he knew who Audrey real identity was all along but simply just refused to let Audrey know that he was Mara's prison detainer and that he knew all about what Mara and William had done together to the people of Haven. I had a feeling from the moment that he was introduced in the opening scenes of the pilot...that he had more to do with her than we all thought...that there was a reason why Howard showed up with all of Mara's incarnations. To be honest...I don't particularly believe that Mara was born evil...I rather think that she fell in love with the wrong guy who turned her to the dark side of things after she was left vulnerable to William when she lost her father to the void. Mara was bitter and angry at her mom...Charlotte for allowing her father to get taken away to the void...but she wasn't naturally evil unlike William. In the end...William ended up realising that Mara wanted only wanted him for his stash of aether and nothing more.
10/18/2015 c1 Karen1701
Please, please, please ...keep writing about these two! I could read your stories a thousand times and not get bored. Love them every time.
4/19/2015 c1 2geminigurl89
2/16/2015 c1 5STforRK
Amazing job.
2/15/2015 c1 Guest S
I was so happy to see that you had posted a story. What a wonderful follow up to Come to Thee by Moonlight. NA's actions were so believable and I loved their late night phone conversation. I started reading The Return again to get throught the hiatus and I am still amazed at how great it is - the right amount of storytelling and NA fluff. Your take on what happened after the Season 3 finale is so much better than what happened on the show. (I wish you would consider writing your own version of what happened after the Season 4 finale). I hope that you will continue to share your stories with us during the hiatus. Thanks again.
2/15/2015 c1 Guest
OMG! I almost pissed myself with glee when I saw another story from you. I loved this! It's so rare to read a fic of them being normal. You are an excellent writer, one of the best in the Haven fandom and I hope you write more for them. Thank you so much for this you are awesome.
2/14/2015 c1 13sunsetsoverwater
Finally another story from you!

This was so amazing. I love how they went through the full fantasy Audrey gave so long ago. It's so nice to see them doing normal couple things, Trouble free. And ending with the cabin was just perfect.

Thank you so much for this.

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