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3/15/2018 c1 6Storz
That's a charming start. Please continue, if you get a chance.
6/27/2016 c1 1Jessicaarra
Wow, I love this! I love seeing the softer side of these characters 3
Is there anymore?
3/26/2015 c1 malebron
This is a well written story, nicely polished, flowing and easy to read, you know.

I love the names of the house-elves and your comprehensive list of the Malfoy’s wealth. The description of the divorce ritual was really clever as was Narcissa's hair turning black. Interesting image!

I have to say they both seem to be much nicer people now that the war is over, especially Lucius who really surprises me with his tolerance and generosity! Fascinating that Narcissa is going into business, I would never had expected that.
2/17/2015 c1 9AristideCauquemaire
Hey love!

Question! Why is there only one chapter...? This was just the introduction before the actual story gets started and I demand more.

Things that went through my head while reading:
I'm assuming Lucius was sitting behind his desk, working. Cissa sits down in the chair on the other side of the desk. Suddenly, though, he's close enough to "reach out and grab her left hand". Odd, that.

Also, it's really difficult to assess the mood at the beginning. Cissa's very formal address and Lucius' "drawl"ing there had me mentally prepared for an entirely different course of events than an exchange as amiable as it was.

Drops of blood were exchanged in the wedding day? Do you have a back story in mind for that?

Philbus Derby is just 'Derby', but Percy Weasley is 'Percy'. Mh. Consistency.

Isn't 17 the (canon-)age of maturity? Or did fanfiction make that up...? I get so confused sometimes.

Advice: Work on commas and apostrophes. Also, no brackets in direct speech.
Advice #2: Keep writing.

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