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4/8/2020 c17 Exodia3215
Awesome story so far! Hope you can update soon!
7/21/2019 c17 h.nicole.soule
I know it's been years since you posted, but I'm hoping that just maybe you are still tracking this and you can pull an update out of nowhere. This story has been great. Thanks for putting it up.
6/9/2019 c3 Guest
The Senator's death seems like a giant plot hole. I thought of two more plans to solve the airlock problem without anyone dying within 15 minutes of reading it. First, Elsa could just conjure a thick block of ice over and around the broken window, thus rendering the airlock unnecessary.
Second, they could tape a pencil to the Kino and use it to press the button remotely, which would also have been possible in canon.
Thirdly, there was Elsa's snow golem plan, which seemed completely plausible if she'd had just a few minutes alone in the shuttle.
The fact that Elsa and everyone else just let the Senator commit suicide when there were so many other options seems really out of character for her. It's like his death was forced into the story just because it was dramatic, in spite of it no longer making any sense. I think I would have let Elsa take care of the shuttle, and then had the Senator die quietly in his sleep, since I don't like him much, if I were writing the story.
5/30/2019 c17 Pikanet128
* Fic that I thought impossible
* Good canon welding
* Ferling thing was great
* Was looking forward to seeing more of Anna on destiny and her interactions with the crew
* The explanation for Elsa’s powers was good
* Still love the space suit of ice
I really liked this fic I was sorry to see it is not being continued
5/6/2019 c14 Pikanet128
One thing I noticed they made a small miscalculation with the water threat
They had elsa therefore had water
5/4/2019 c12 Pikanet128
Guess you’ve listened to the whole soundtrack (the demos)
Also you know what would be interesting is to see a fic about the ancients before they got all high tech or moreover the process of getting there
2/22/2019 c17 Heartfire12
Super Histoire
6/12/2017 c17 9Piero217
*crying his eyes out* I'm not crying you are!

Man, this chapter really lives up to it's name! You had me all teary eyed throughout the entire chapter, first in sadness then in joy and laughter and a bit of sadness again - talk about an emotional rollercoaster!

You de-ascending Anna was in fact unexpected, and for a moment there I was wondering why would you feel the need to kill off the other most important character in this fanfiction, like, not only had been early in the chapter, it was so sudden and cruel and... and... and I was like "Seriously?! Why?! What twisted soul would write Anna off like that?!"

But then you did it! You actually did it - you brought her back as a regular old human being, and I can't believe that I didn't see it coming! The whole planet thing was feeling like filler stuff to me, as if to delve deeper inside Elsa's hopelessness and depression at losing her sister. And then it happened! Anna was /in the muthafricken' planet, alive/!

Of course I loved everything that followed beyond what words could express. The ending in particular melted me away! (Pun totally intended.) And yes, I was wondering why Anna hadn't yet been surrounded by the rest of the crew which should've been more than curious about her, though I'm glad that the sisters actually got enough "screen time" just to themselves for the most part. Having just returned to the mortal world, such a thing was more than necessary. Thank you!

I was wondering, does Elsa keep digital copies of every movie she and her sister had watched over the decades, or at least he most iconic ones (sci-fi, Disney and the sort)? Perhaps in an external hard drive or something? That would be a nice way to have them bond over anew while also using those films to bring Anna up to date on many things of the 21st century.

Not much left to say, other than "great chapter" as usual! (And... maybe "sorry for taking this long to review".) Looking forward to the next phase of this story!

2/19/2017 c17 1Bibliotheca Mundi
Ah, I finally finished reading this, it was interesting, more so considering it was relatively newly updated. Hopefully there will be a new chapter sometime soon. "Ikke skyt" means "Don't shoot" so that is correct, I have to say, reading it in a slightly high pitched Norwegian voice is glorious! Points for that. Good luck further on.
12/17/2016 c17 2CrunchDeNumbers
Great chapter and quite the emotional roller coaster. Very well done.
12/14/2016 c17 4tf330129
Keep it up :) :)
12/14/2016 c17 Starjumper2821
Oh my. Half an hour of looking for any good frozen fics with an Elsa in modern times and failing to find anything and one desperate click on the story alerts offers me a 1 minute old update to the second best frozen story I ever had the pleasure to read(2nd place because I don't yet know how I will like the ending mind you, if that is as good as the rest than you take gold). Took my time to read it but can't say I regret savouring this chapter. Very nice plot twist there and some more excellent character interaction. Thank you very much for this and please don't stop your good work.
12/14/2016 c17 Rydan fall
That could be a fun report, back home.
We even have gained a new crew member, sir.

Do wonder, though. what will you do when you have covered all Destiny episodes?
Enter Star Wars or so?
11/16/2016 c16 1tpx1
great story so far
please continue!
9/18/2016 c16 2CrunchDeNumbers
Ok, the trolls as the fourth great race is a complete surprise, as is the reason for their diaspora (Anna messed up a bit there). On a different subject, since there are presumably more than one set of stones on the ship, I'm surprised that transfers aren't better coordinated to avoid potential embarrassment.
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