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5/15/2017 c1 5epsi10n
My gosh, this is awesome! The imagery in this story is beautiful, and you're a great writer.

I really like the idea that Iago has much more to be resentful of than just the Lieutenancy itself. Rejection by Othello is a much better motivator. This theory makes the ending especially tragic for Iago because Othello isn't even aware of all this struggle. At the end of the play Iago is almost like "don't ask me why. You should know," except everybody's completely clueless even though Iago's main goal is to make people feel his pain (i.e. revenge)...
8/26/2015 c1 17mildlyholmes
Oh wow, you made lovemaking sound so... twisted and 'barbaric', as you said. I studied Othello in lit, but there was always that lingering question of whether Othello and Desdemona ever did consummate their marriage... Reading your interpretation that they DID adds a whole other dimension to this.

And Iago! His slow descent into hatred for Othello in your Spanish sections were excellent. "Ay, damn you, Othello...how can I love you now?" THIS LINE. THIS. LINE. It's incredible, showing how mind wars with heart. Iago loving Othello was something we never considered as a class - we thought that perhaps, he had some sick fascination with Othello bordering on sexual, since his language paints the picture that Iago is a lustful creature incapable of feeling love. Your take is so completely different, and yet so similar at the same time. I loved how you used "fondling" when describing Iago handling Othello and Cassio's puppets, and "caressing" with Desdemona's. Where was this when I was sitting for my exam?!

ANd I'm lOVING the mood here! The night just the right amount of chilling, a fine line between despair/loneliness and disturbing/creepy. Also, the imagery of puppetry! Iago is definitely a puppet master in the play, and to have a glimpse into his mind was just a delight. This whole piece was a delight. Why hasn't anyone reviewed it yet?!

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