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8/27/2019 c8 deathwearsblack
please update.
7/24/2018 c8 Wika0304
please update
6/26/2018 c8 ScarletRainbow1
Your last update was dated April 2016. Does this mean you have discontinued this story? Please, it would be a shame to abandon a good story such as this. I am amazed that no one in Diagon Alley recognized 'Henry'. His bangs must have been pretty long to cover his scar. I would hope he gets to live the life of a child without the 'stigma' of his scar.
2/20/2017 c8 mythrica
interesting story misspelled buy with but, but I'm enjoying the flow. Looking forward to the next chapters.
5/30/2016 c8 Elfin69
Will the illness strike Henry when he gets there or will he be recognized when they go to Hogwarts. Maybe the twins will tell him to stay home so that he doesn't get sick.
4/20/2016 c8 Guest
Is Harry Going To Be A Little Bitch In This FanFic? He Was Raised By A Demon And A Angle Who Married A Demon. And That Re on Is King Of The Crossroads. KING.
4/20/2016 c8 DracoKing30
love story cant wait for new chapters
4/19/2016 c8 Aurorabeam Corporation
I have this story in my list for a while now. But I think it's time for me to judge.

The title doesn't sum up the story line. It's like the title was made for a badass and powerful AU Harry Potter, live in Slytherin dorm and defeated Voldemort. (Or maybe he absorbed all Voldemort's souls, becoming more powerful than before, then became the next Dark Lord or something. Lol. That plot sounds familiar ...)

Except, this story came with a long filler.

Well, not really a filler. This story doesn't seem to focus much on Harry Potter, or Henry Callum, and it kinda infuriates me a bit. I'm not a hardcore fan of Harry Potter or Supernatural, but the story is kinda confusing. I mean, you didn't tell us about Minerva having children. How the hell I can know what the hell is going on when the Chapter is kinda confusing? One answer: Keep on reading.

I keep on reading this story. I really do. Except the more I keep on reading it, the more I felt sick of it. Other people would probably keep on reading, to see what's going on, but for me ... 8 Chapters and Harry Potter isn't in Hogwarts yet? What the hell? How slow this story plot can be, anyway? (Don't answer that.) Personally, I don't like story with slow pace. Don't count on this one, however.

And then the mix up confusion. The first Chapter is okay, but when I got the rest of them, I couldn't help but to feel confused. The new character mix up, the different scenes placed in different places, and now this Chapter explaining about Dean? This is confusing. (Well, for me, anyway. So don't count on it.)

I suppose that's all I can tell you. I look forward for more in this story.

~ Author
4/2/2016 c7 Elfin69
At least Henry is happy and well taken care of. I wonder if anyone will ever realise that he was Harry?
8/9/2015 c6 Elfin69
Uh oh, what is going on with Crowley and why is he still unconscious?
8/9/2015 c5 Elfin69
Hopefully Kendra and Kendall both get out alive since it would destroy Minerva after losing Harry. What is happening with Crowley and the children.
6/8/2015 c6 3jenn008
Update soon!
4/21/2015 c6 T
As usual-love it!
4/20/2015 c6 8Bloody Constant Writer's Block
to much is happening in those few days things are going to slow for my tastes.
4/18/2015 c6 Psyka
Wow please update again soon
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