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for Slytherin Prince

4/9/2015 c2 1Ethenia
Daddy Crowley is rather endearing.
3/28/2015 c5 Guest
this didn't make any sense. It was confusing and disjointed. Was it in chronological order, or was it a flash- back?
3/23/2015 c4 Elfin69
Will they be able to stop Kendall and Kendra from doing something that they should not do and how is McGonagall? What happened to Crowley and Naomi?
3/23/2015 c3 Elfin69
Will Harry have the Horcrux in his head and will his new mother and father find it or have they already? Looks like Vernon is not going to live for very long now (serves him right).
3/20/2015 c4 Laesk
interesting story line, new. I look forwards to seeing what happens next. thank you for sharing this with us all. I am glad that I found this story
2/23/2015 c3 7Paxloria
Sweet chapter.

So Crowley (demon King of Hell) has somehow married Naomi (angel brain-washer of Heaven)?
thats a surprise (I didn't recognize her).

Well, your off to a good start & I look forward to reading more!
2/22/2015 c3 15white collar black wolf
Really liked it
2/22/2015 c2 15Cookietown
hahaha cant wait for their reactions
2/19/2015 c2 15white collar black wolf
Really liked it
2/18/2015 c2 66attlantica
2/16/2015 c1 T
The story has promise!
2/17/2015 c2 lisa.francis.96780
Interesting start
2/17/2015 c2 1ChocolateSauce18
Love the story so far :) can't wait to read more
2/17/2015 c2 7Paxloria
Its a good chapter, but there's some things I don't understand.
If the woman was standing there, stalking the house and expecting the wizards arrival, then HOW could she not know what it was she'd gone there to get or what the childs name would be? HOW could they not find out the baby's name after they'd gotten him?
2/16/2015 c2 Elfin69
Will Harry's vaults and anything else that has his name 'legally at least' change to Henry now so that no one else will know?
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