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9/27/2020 c1 Guest
loveeed it pls write another hitsuhina lemon this one was one of the best
9/1/2016 c1 Guest
The first lemon I've read to the end - I think you've succeeded to write a masterpiece! Hope you write more hitsuhina fiction :)
7/21/2016 c1 Shiks
I love the passion in this. Omg...
6/28/2016 c1 Krisaku
Ohh gawhd one of the best hitsuhina smut fic I have ever read even if I read this again and again I jus5 can't help but imagine them as a couple and having a family! Please continue doing some hitsuhina fanfic!
2/4/2016 c1 Lalala
This is amazing, you are amazing, and this is possibly the best smut fic I've read about the two of them. You've kep them perfectly in character as matured adults whilst keeping the fluffy undertones of their relationship. I can't perfectly explain it in words but I really just love this fic.

"There's a wildness between his heartbeat, a hunger for her that's barely suppressed at the bezt of times and dangerously maddening at it's worst." Favorite line. I can easily imagine the sentiment being canon-compliant with older Toshiro.

*sigh* So much love for this fic, and your beautiful writing!
1/17/2016 c1 2Hellz Bella
Oh my O_o...HOT! So well written, descriptive and decent. I have read lemons in fics before and I literally had to stop reading them due to being just down right horrible. This is amazingly done! I applaud you on your first lemon.
8/22/2015 c1 shiki
Gawds, this was perfect! Hitsugaya over reacted wih all those barriers loool, but gave in eventually. The lemon was so sexy, I loved how descriptive it was. A better lemon for me would include more moaning and positions! More pleaaaase
8/20/2015 c1 9toshiroxmomo122
Oh. My. Gosh. This was so prefect and cute and sexy and WOW. This story had EVERYTHING. It's now one of my favorite HitsuHina lemons, and is a great addition to my recent quest for them XD I love love love your word choice, especially at the end before the epilogue when they drift to sleep, it was so sweet! There really needs to belts lemons for these two. You can really have fun with them. I can't believe I didn't see this before, because I've been searching all over fanfiction for these, but I've never seen this one. I struck gold! Thanks for making this amazing piece of fiction! It ended on a great note for me to sleep XD
6/9/2015 c1 Guest
Omg I died reading thissss *o* damn, what a lemon! Keep making more!
6/5/2015 c1 1Ishiyo
I love it! it was so good I'll give you a kirby hug and a peach! ( ยท ) you should make more stories about them
5/30/2015 c1 skippy
You write so beautifully! :") The story just flowed so well. Please keep up the good work. Hope to read more HitsuHina from you~
5/14/2015 c1 9Tiragon
Thank you so much for writing this? This was absolutely amazingly well written and I shared it with a few other people too;; I'm so glad to find some nsfw fic for my OTP. Thank you so much, this really made my day better.
4/7/2015 c1 ecadiuu
Cute! 3
3/3/2015 c1 61AznVKai
This story is well written; if you decide to write another HitsuHina fan fic, I'll be there to read it. Keep up the great work!
3/2/2015 c1 ladyfeanor1
So, you finally posted your fic! I'm very glad you did it too soon. I loved it, since I'm a not-so-secretly fan of lemon fanfictions (!). Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution for our fandom
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