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6/17/2016 c3 12Supreme Commander
awesome story
2/21/2015 c1 Jarhead762
Huh, I guess fanfic didn't take my initial review

Fucking boots

Anywho, I've seen maybe three, yours included, that actually have some idea of way the actual military is like. Just have Marine Infantry not have females and we will be good . If you want to be accurate

I look forward to this fic, I also look forward to your hopefull take on gear and vehicles tactics and weapons the unsc has to defeat the covenet. Like replacing the scorpion as an mbt.

I get it, space war, not a lot of options, but goodman, a fast firing 90mm? Really?
2/19/2015 c1 Jarhead762
Fuckin Boot

Hahaha. I often wondered if anybody on this site would even know what that means, or even use it properly.

I've always wondered these questions myself, especially as to how the army/airforce would respond to an invasion without fleet support

I hope you incorporate all sorts of new tech and hear againt the covenant , specifically in the plasma deterrent type field

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