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5/16/2015 c4 46Alshoruzen
I particularly liked the description of the street there at the end. It has a lot of ambience. _
5/15/2015 c4 25neonkoi
Another amazing chapter. Can't wait for chapter 5. I feel really bad about Shinichi's trauma involving hovercrafts.
5/15/2015 c4 4Hollow-Death
Thanks for another update!

I like the fact that you introduced this problem of having tag team and making the polices (another spot on characters) to come in contact as an undercover and wants the cooperation of Kaito and Shinichi.

It really set up the stage for the whole story and I cannot wait to see how all this will play out.

And we have see another side of Shinichi who once wanted to be a racer and his unfortunate past, somehow I had this feeling that (maybe) eventually he has to race (be it for one match or more) for some reason.

The last paragraph just makes me go awww! Cannot wait for the next chapter to come! :)
5/13/2015 c4 Assasin8
LOVED this chapter! It was a clever move to make Hakuba and Aoko police officers! In truth, I love all of your AU casting choices, but this particular choice was one that I honestly wouldn't have seen coming. It's great that these guys can help Kaito and Shinichi get closer to unmasking the Noir Foundation, and all the new information they presented is game changing. I'm also excited about Hattori and Kaito teaming up. They're like, the ultimate duo! And Eri is just AWESOME. I love the way you've done her character, and it's cool to see things work out so well. Great job and update soon!
5/12/2015 c4 Guest
Poor Shinichi! No wonder Kaito's crash hit him so hard. What a sad story.
This race is going to be huge! I'm glad they were able to overcome another obstacle.
5/12/2015 c4 12Ambiguous Cake
Another wonderful chapter! A little lacking in excitement, but it set up nicely for what's to come. Also we had emotional excitement I guess. With Shinichi slowly coming to terms with accepting Kaito as a permanent part of his life. It's really cute.
5/12/2015 c4 not a guest
for some reason i feel honoured for having read your fics
and this was no exception
when i first learned that it was about cars and very au i thought like meh this ain't much
oh how wrong i was
seriously though the way you narrate their personality and their whole being is splendidly captivating and the love and emotions-
i even caught myself thinking if john green has resulted to writing fiction fanfiction of my favorite since forever series
anyway enumerating the parts of the fic that i want to compliment would be very not-good
just read the fic and it is everthing that is worth praising.

so corny and wrong,
i am, that is.

the character roles are spot-on
5/11/2015 c4 Kimmiko T
I really love chapter 4!
Please update really soon!
5/11/2015 c4 12rachello344
Another excellent chapter! I love the intrigue and the danger, as well as figuring out where all the other characters fit in! Keep up the good work!
4/19/2015 c3 jayfeather63
Detective shinichi shines through again. Lol. And blushing shinichi is the most kawaii stuff ever. :)
4/19/2015 c3 46Alshoruzen
_ So even the FBI characters have a cameo appearance. That’s cool. I really liked Shinichi’s conversation with his mother. It’s nice to start seeing more of the other characters in this setting.
4/18/2015 c3 Kimmiko T
I really love chapter 3!
Please update really soon!
4/15/2015 c3 Assasin8
So a little bit more of the Noir Founndation...clearly they' a got more trouble to cause. I think Shinichi's call to his mom was sweet, and Jii sounds so fond of the old days :) great job and update soon!
4/14/2015 c3 3Miss Emotion
This is awesome! I loved it so much! 'Cakes waiting for us' 'oh.. Her too.' XD I think I died HAHHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE how he wanted to kiss him, I just LOVE LOVE LOOOVED IT! I could feel the feelings too, you're really good at making readers (hello *waves*) feel. Shin-chan's embarrassed BLUSHING JKFSAWSGBKFWW my heart literally flew up KYAAAAH! The kiss on the knuckles was so smooth, I can't even. Kaito is the epitome of sexy I love Jii! And Shinichi's thoughts while they had the conversation and how Shinchi was proud of his skills, but got insecure because of the accident. KYAAAAH THE BEGINNING WAS AWESOME, did I mention how much I loved Yukiko? And Shin-chan's blush OMG HJFSQADEQWERTUUYIOPLJGSAXVNMKGX I love this story so much! Thank god for your brain and you existing yeah, I'm really glad you exist! I love you and your stories! I've read your reviews on other people's stories sometimes and you're a really kind person. Anyway I also adored Shinichi's thoughts about the mostache Hahahahaha! XD I'm SO excited for the next chapter
4/14/2015 c3 Guest
The plot thickens! What will happen during the next race? Yay for Shinichi finally figuring things out!
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