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10/1/2020 c45 58TiredOfBeingNice
i totally forgot i gave this prompt lolllll. definitely in my musical phase, love that for me :')

definitely super funny though! my favourite part was when benny just gave flowers to a random woman on the street , idk why but the mental image of him just chucking flowers at someone then racing off to catch up with ethan– peak comedy :'))

the flirty vibes are really fun toooo! im a big sucker for pining and just watching benny and ethan play off of each other before ethan finally caves and lets benny take him for a date; i really loved it!

and dont worry fanfic buddy! i shall sit patiently for my request to be played on my favourite radio station/fic-thingy! i can't wait to be surprised by its appearance like i was with this :D
9/29/2020 c45 16Bennyweirlover17
wow another wonderful chapter it’s amazing and so awesomely wr
4/6/2020 c44 58TiredOfBeingNice
awwwww im really glad benny was okay ! it's a hard lesson that he learned, but im at least he learned it without dying, heh. i just can't believe that he was the only one who survived! that sucks :((

but hey! ethan and benny are ok, they're in love– benny needs a new job but thats something he can find because he is alive :')

if u can! i have a request: 30 minutes by adam melchor? it's a song about the struggles of a long distance relationship– you can choose the pairing, i just thought it'd be nice.

love u fanfic buddy! ur killin it :D
4/4/2020 c44 16Bennyweirlover17
oh my gosh this chapter was so amazing and beautiful I loved everything about it so perfect and I definitely felt emotional while reading especially when Ethan broke down but then I had such relief and happiness when he and Benny reunited this chapter is definitely one of my favorites from this fanfiction so far and you did such a fantastic job writing it too it was everything I wanted because I especially loved the storyline the most you’ve done it again my friend so kudos to you
8/14/2019 c43 58TiredOfBeingNice
AHHH! that's such a GOOD SONGGGG! it was totally rad, fanfic bud! and super romantic too! i loved that so much, sarah/ethan falling in love and stuff – love makes me so happy and knowing they're in loveee– EEEEE! my heart!

but yeah, breaking free is a BOP! im excited for the next song, ms DJ :DD
8/7/2019 c43 25Stretch Snodgrass
"Rad", romantic story. Ethan went to Sarah's rescue (from stage fright), did great, and together they broke the "clique" system at Whitechapel High.
8/6/2019 c43 16Bennyweirlover17
amazing chapter I love it so great and awesome
8/6/2019 c43 jessgood
Thank you for doing my request, and yes I do refer as jessgood but I do switch accounts for time to time, because I am mostly on ao3, anyways, you did this really well and almost exactly how I imagined, thank you, seriously.
4/5/2019 c42 58TiredOfBeingNice
aweeee! i'm glad that benny and sarah were able to found each other and their love through such a tragedy (poor ethann :(( )

i honestly like sarah's perspective of it all! it's really fascinating to see her thoughts and her acceptance of her love of benny. ahh, i love when people fall in love! you write it so fantastically! wonderful job as always, dearest fanfic buddy! best dj ever :DD
3/24/2019 c42 No-one
Dang! You've been so dedicated to this fic. Thanks for writing! Would you be able to do chapters with Bennica and Ethara pairings to Break Even by The Script and Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, respectively? Please and thank you. Fang out!
3/24/2019 c42 25Stretch Snodgrass
Great chapter, a sort of "what if" Ethan had died in the Lucifractor explosion! Deep felt/romantic/heartwarming. I agree that Ethan, in the great beyond, would be perfectly happy with Benny and Sarah dating.
3/21/2019 c42 16Bennyweirlover17
so cute i love it
3/20/2019 c42 jessgood
It was a bummer that I had to switch accounts and I can't wait for my request! Thanks for your amazing stories and you are one of my favorite writers.
8/16/2018 c41 25Stretch Snodgrass
Fun story. It appears as if Sarah and Erica's personalities were reversed! But Ethan, still loving Sarah, has difficulty moving on to a woman who'd love him for himself!
8/13/2018 c41 58TiredOfBeingNice
awwww frienddd :((( this hits a bit close to home, you'd probably know, the whole ex thing and stuff (i mean obviously not to ethan's extent, but ya know what i mean) :PP

no but i loved this a lottt, omg – it fits the song quite well! i can't believe im saying this, but i really wanted to punch sarah in the face; how could she not love the a-dork-able-ness that ethan carries so close to him because I SURE LOVE IT! but ethan found erica and while i haven't really indulged in that many ethan/erica fics, i definitely like the pairing! i feel like the two are both cynical enough to get along in a way that i find cutee :DD

but back to this, yes, i love it quite a lot! i thought this was pretty awesome friend, thank u for fulfilling the song request v well – ur the best dj ever :DD
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