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for Riding the Valkyrie

4/28/2018 c23 0netflixme0
I loved this o which is hard to do.
9/8/2016 c23 7Lady-Finwe
beautiful story :)
4/5/2016 c23 Searching4UFOs
I just finished your story and I want to cry! It was so sweet and so emotional. I'm definite reading this again one day. Thank you for writing a beautiful story. It really was.
1/6/2016 c23 BlueEyedPisces
You both did an amazing job, I absolutely love this :)
5/29/2015 c21 Guest
I love it! I cannot wait to read more! I seriously hope you're not looking to end this anytime soon!
5/27/2015 c21 5WestOfTheGlass
I'm so glad you've continued to update regularly! I really love your writing. I was curious if at one point you would include the other Gods interacting with her, that would be interesting! Keep up the great work!
5/27/2015 c21 29Sparky She-Demon
I had a feeling she was pregnant. Kara and Rollo were certainly going at it often enough.

The seer is interesting. I can't wait to see what of the son's destiny we get to find out about!
5/20/2015 c20 pinkolifant
Gets all worried about the meaning of her prophetic hare-dream
5/8/2015 c18 Sparky She-Demon
Why do I get the feeling that Kara is pregnant? She and Rollo have been going at each other like beasts. Rollo is being too nice to Siggy by inviting her to dinner. Can't wait to see the next update!
5/3/2015 c17 6casper6six6
great story love it:D
5/3/2015 c17 24Befham
I can't wait to see Kara and Ragnar interact.
4/29/2015 c16 Guest
Woah, this was such an amazing chapter. I loved every second of it :) xx
4/29/2015 c16 Befham
Loved it.
4/23/2015 c15 Strawberry Rose 2
I am enjoying this story!
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