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8/3/2015 c11 4OceanBlueSpirit
It's obvious that Alan is still suffering with the aftermath of his abuse, the guy kidnapped him and nearly killed him and yet he still goes to see him and listens to him over his own family. I can't wait to see what happens next with all of this.
I don't like Alan and Tin Tin together, and he's only just lost Katie so he needs time anyway.
Looking forward to the next chapter. :)
7/6/2015 c10 81Sad-Blue-Eyed-Angel 2010
*low whistle* Alan is sure not getting the easy part of life. I just want to hug the poor guy. First he loses the love of his life and then one of his most trusted friends turns himself in for manslaughter when it was just an accident.

Can't wait for further updates.
7/6/2015 c10 4OceanBlueSpirit
Aww poor Alan, Katie died and now he's also lost Matt. At least Matt will get the help he needs, and by admitting what he did and therefore I guess pleading guilty he won't get as long a prison sentence I wouldn't have thought. He might be out in a few years and put his life back together.
It's good that the FBI agent saved Matt's life, I think if he died it would have been worse for Alan then Matt going to prison and losing him for a few years.
I wonder why Alan wants to see Lancaster, it can't be good though whatever it is. I wonder how he'll continue to cope with everything that's happened.
Looking forward to the next chapter. :) xx
6/27/2015 c9 OceanBlueSpirit
I hope the FBI get to Gordon and Matt before anything happens to either of them. I wonder how Matt will take the news that he seriously injured Katie, though by accident. Maybe it will make him realise that he needs help and needs to stop drinking.
If Katie dies it will be interesting to see Alan copes with losing her and also Matt, as he will be arrested for causing her death. That would be good to see. But I also hope she's okay just because I'm not someone wanting to see Katie dead, it would just be a good twist if she didn't make it.
Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter. :) xx
6/24/2015 c8 81Sad-Blue-Eyed-Angel 2010
So Lancaster finally makes an appearance. I wonder if Alan will explain to his family exactly why Lancaster has such a hang up on him.

Looking forward to the next update
6/24/2015 c8 4OceanBlueSpirit
What happened with Lancaster was weird, I wonder what's going to happen with him next.
I'm glad Alan and Scott are okay, and I hope seeing Lancaster isn't going to fracture Alan's recovery.
Those few minutes between them was weird, and the way Alan turned on his father was almost like he was preferring Lancaster to Jeff.
Looking forward to seeing what happens, great chapter. :)
6/11/2015 c7 Thunderbird3love
pleaee please update I love this so much I read the first one and the sequel is really good it has me biting my nails in anticipation of what's gonna happen please update you are an awesome writer please update
6/1/2015 c7 Mickiecuteknight
Hope you update soon. Very good story.
5/1/2015 c7 Bulletproof Vendetta
I'm really liking this story! Poor Alan. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Also this might seem kind of random, but I think I know a song that fits Alan /really/ well. Under The Water by The Pretty Reckless, if you get a chance you should check it out.
4/21/2015 c7 81Sad-Blue-Eyed-Angel 2010
That was a pretty good chapter. Really threw me for a loop though that Lancaster is back and possibly out for Alan's blood.

Looking forward to further updates and I'm sorry it took me so long to read this.
4/18/2015 c7 4OceanBlueSpirit
I'm glad Alan and Scott got away and are okay, hopefully Jeff and the others will get to them with no trouble and get them back to the island.
I can't believe Lancaster is still alive! I can't wait to see how that plays out and what happens next.
Great chapter, can't wait for the next one. :) xx
4/18/2015 c7 4kattfan12001
Cant wait for the next chapter
4/5/2015 c6 R.J.Arnold
I've just read through Hidden Truths and Revealed Lies in less than 4 hours! I had to stop myself from staying up all night! Please finish this - it's an amazing fic and I can't get enough of it!

3/30/2015 c6 81Sad-Blue-Eyed-Angel 2010
Holy cow! That was epic. Honestly enjoying this story and I can't wait for further updates. Wonder what everyone is going to do when they discover alan and quite possibly Scott have now been taken.
3/30/2015 c6 10H20xSpelboundfanx
OMG I hope Scott is alright, and I hope that they find Alan in time. Just a suggestion, it might of been better if Scott and Alan both went to the car the same to, if you know what I mean. But really loving the story anyway, keep going!
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