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3/29/2015 c6 4kattfan12001
Oh no. What will happen to scott? And will jeff be endanger as well?
3/29/2015 c6 jo1966
OMG. The plot thickens
3/29/2015 c6 4OceanBlueSpirit
I hope Alan and Scott will be okay and they are found before too much can happen to them.
I also hope that this is when everything comes to a head and after this Alan doesn't have to hide anymore and the rest of the story is about him putting everything behind him and moving on with his life with his family.
Great chapter, looking forward to the next one. :) xx
3/26/2015 c5 81Sad-Blue-Eyed-Angel 2010
Nice chapter, and the plot gets thicker.

:) can't wait for more updates!
3/25/2015 c5 4kattfan12001
Oh oh what happens next what happens next. Poor alan having a painic attack at lest his family was there. It will be interesting to see what jeff will learn. Though scott is pulling the mother hen act and showning how scared he his in losting alan again.
3/25/2015 c5 4OceanBlueSpirit
I hope things go okay for Alan in Boston, and with his father. Being alone with him after how tense things have between them is going to be interesting; how will they get along I wonder, and will they do some making up and bonding, or will they be pushed further apart? Looking forward to finding out. :)
It looks like Alan was trying to force himself into a Stockholm Syndrome-like state with Lancaster, trying to identify with his abuser and even go so far as to think it was a real relationship and that he liked what was happening, just so he wouldn't have to suffer so much and he could try and cope with what was happening to him. It must have been so hard for Alan to have to do that. Scott was wrong for getting angry at Alan, but at least he apologised.
Can't wait for the next chapter, great work so far. :) xx
3/11/2015 c4 10PenguinPower1101
please update, i gotta know what happens next.
3/9/2015 c4 4kattfan12001
So gordon and virgil had a talk with alan. I wonder wha5 scott will find out.
3/9/2015 c4 81Sad-Blue-Eyed-Angel 2010
This was a good chapter, I like that Alan went home to see his family but I worry for him. If anything happens to Katie or Matt I'm afraid it'll push alan over the edge. I'm really diggin this story and am anxious for your updates.
3/9/2015 c4 72criminally charmed
Like the name"Sammie" for Alan's daughter. ;)
3/9/2015 c4 4OceanBlueSpirit
I wonder what Alan is going to tell Scott, I hope it's the truth and he starts to be more open with his family now he's had these talks with John and Gordon. It's nice that Alan is starting to properly reconnect with his brothers, I think it's going to take a lot longer for him to reconnect with his father though.
I hop Alan is able to keep safe and he stays with his family, they can help him and learn more about his life at the same time. It's going to be tricky for Alan to go back to Portland if Mr. Pierce's partner is dirty and he is putting Alan in danger. I'm glad Alan got through his drugs problem with Matt's help.
As for Matt I hope he gets help for his drinking problem soon, otherwise Alan could end up losing him too and I don't think he would cope with that.
Maybe he could lose Katie though, because of Mr. Pierce's dirty partner and this shakes Alan up and makes him lose his way or something, and he ends up forcing Matt to stop drinking so he doesn't lose him as well, like bringing him to the island by force to help him himself. Instead of turning back to drugs Alan is determined not to lose Matt. Or he does go back to drugs and when he's gotten better again with help from his brothers that's when he decides enough is enough and he's determined to get Matt sober as well.
Great chapter, you can just ignore all of what I've just written if you want, they're just ramblings I came up with. Can't wait for the next update. :) xx
3/4/2015 c3 81Sad-Blue-Eyed-Angel 2010
Ooh, is Alan hiding that maybe Mr. Pierce was maybe killed? That be why he sounded so shook up when he called to go back home?

Can't wait for the next update.
3/3/2015 c3 4OceanBlueSpirit
So there are still more secrets yet to come out. I can't wait to see what they are. I'm glad Alan came home, some time alone with his family is what he needs I think, and it would be a good time for all these secrets to finally be revealed. Great chapter, looking forward to the next one. :) xx
3/3/2015 c3 128lederra
Enjoyed what I have read so far.
3/1/2015 c2 4OceanBlueSpirit
So now we know what actually happened, it all makes sense why Alan and Matt ran away. I hope Alan goes home at some point when he's ready.
I was surprised to read that Wesley's father was really a U.S. Air Marshall, but I'm glad he wasn't really a drug dealer and an ex-convict. Wesley can be proud of his father for what he did now, from his place in Heaven.
It must have been hard for Mr. Pierce to have to lie to his son and have his son see him as a bad person.
I'm looking forward to seeing Alan meet the rest of his family again, I wonder how that will go down. Hopefully well.
Great couple of chapters, can't wait for the next update. :) xx
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